One of the best things about video games is how they allow you to live out your fantasies, and, let's be honest, who hasn't wanted to rule an empire? With these great empire building games, you'll build castles, forge alliances, start wars, and ultimately be the leader of a successful kingdom, right on your phone!

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is the game that started it all! With millions of other active players, you can join an existing clan or build your own from the ground up. You'll compete with your friends in the epic Clan Wars, building and protecting your villages from goblins and enemy players. There are plenty of unique units and special challenges to keep you entertained, so go forth and conquer!

While Clash of Clans is an addictively fun game, there can be some trouble with matchmaking. Many players feel that the matches are often mismatched level-wise, with one side higher or lower than the other. But millions of players play the game every day, so take the plunge and join Clash of Clans!

Empire: Four Kingdoms

As for games like Age of Empires and Sparta War of Empires, Empire: Four Kingdoms has you build your civilization from the ground up and gather resources to construct and improve your cities and castles. You'll fight against enemies and rival kingdoms, so you'll have to use all your wits to defeat them. With over 50 units and 60 buildings to construct, and regular updates to keep you coming back for more, you'll be sure to make your kingdom the most powerful of all!

Empire: Four Kingdoms is a robust game, so you may run into memory and performance issues with your phone in the later stages of the game. But with a powerful enough phone, you'll have plenty to do to keep you busy!

Empires and Allies

A modern update for the classic tower defense game, Empires and Allies lets you build your base and defend it against the evil GRA terrorist group and other players. You'll need to forge alliances and design your perfect army from some of today's most formidable weapons if you are to survive. Almost like Command and Conquer for your phone, Empires and Allies will keep you riveted as you vie for control of the world against loads of other players!

Like all of these games, Empires and Allies is free to play, but can be made easier by paying for in-game bonuses. These can be a great help, as it can be very frustrating to put a lot of time and effort into the game only to have another player win because they bought more bonuses. Just put in the time and a little money to stay even more competitive in this fantastic war strategy game!

King's Empire

If you can't get enough Forge of Empires but want to take it on the go, King's Empire is for you! You can build your castle, train units, make alliances, and design your strategies to defeat your opponents in this fantasy world. You'll scour the world for hidden Dragon Runes to gain powerful boosts for your army, and research new technologies to further your conquest of the world. With millions of other players around the world, you'll become king of your empire.

King's Empire requires a connection to the game's servers in order to play, which can be a bit frustrating at times. Sometimes there are long load times, but reports of this are rare and updates are frequent, so you'll be sure to have a great time building your empire!

MMO/war strategy games like Stick Empires are incredibly popular, and now you can even get them on your phone, so you can conquer the world wherever you are! If you want more empire building games, check out our Best 10 Empire Games!

Command and conquer! Indulge your medieval fantasies and forge your own kingdom with the best empire building strategy games on the market.

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