We all remember those days chewing our erasers to bits over a difficult long division problem and the pure monotony of chanting times tables. Now, thanks to touch screens and stimulating animations, elementary level math doesn’t have to be frustrating or overwhelming to learn. Your kids can access math games just like the online Prodigy Math Game or Math Playground right on your device! With an abundance of additional quests, fraction puzzles and multiplication games, they’ll have a blast and be math whizzes in no time.

Third Grade Learning Games

Created specifically using third-grade curriculums, this colorful variety of math games is perfect for any child who already has their basic addition and subtraction down pat. Third Grade Learning Games helps supplement what they’re learning in school, and have fun doing it! Your little mathematicians will love applying their decimal skills to win a helicopter race or use their knowledge of rounding up to fight off nasty germ monsters. You can even use the “Parents Only” section to track their progress and see what specific areas need improvement.

And math isn’t the only subject! Language and science games are also included. If you want to be sure your kids focus on math alone, the other game options may distract from that particular objective. However, there’s nothing wrong with getting some quality, well-rounded learning. They can take a break from math with some grammar practice!

Monster Math

What better way to make multiplication super exciting than by using it to defeat some evil monsters? Monster Math will transport your kids on a journey through Monster Land, where they have to help save their monster friend from the bad monsters. Using the power of math (and candy!), players must level-up and use their minute-math abilities to quickly thwart each villain. Parents and teachers can even set up the game and toggle between grade levels to select the specific math skills they want to be included. Just like the previous app, reports can be generated to see where kids’ math strengths and weaknesses lie.

There is a bit less variety in this game since every monster is defeated the same way by answering questions correctly and collecting candy. But the incentive of reaching their final goal and rescuing their monster friend will be more than enough motivation to keep your kiddos playing for hours!


The only thing that could possibly rival math monsters? Math aliens! With Zapzapmath, students can select from an array of different grade levels, from Kindergarten number recognition all the way up to 6th-grade ratios and everything in-between. They can play all the space-themed games through their personal profiles and enter a code to be connected with their class at school, making this a great tool for teachers to track performance. There are even two-player capabilities, so that kids can put their skills to the test in a math battle!

Some parents have noticed that the game glitches from time to time, causing players to lose their progress and have to start over. Nothing big to worry about, since the app developers make it easy to alert specific glitches to their attention with a feedback button at the top of every game screen. Besides, starting over only gives an opportunity for a little extra math practice!

Who knew learning could be so exciting? With math games like these, your kids will have no fear when it comes to numbers! For more arithmetic practice for children of all ages, be sure to check out our Best 10 Games for Learning Math.

Learning math just got easier with fun, cool math learning games. Math games for kids make learning and practicing math concepts entertaining and enjoyable.

Math Learning Games

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