Discover an entire world of books at your fingertips! Get access to mobile books, audio books, and more with ebook reader apps perfect for every book lover.

1. Millions of Available Ebooks 

Enjoy a wide selection of books from all over the world with ebooks readers that give you access to thousands of works, large and small.

Amazon Kindle 

Shop your favorite titles and authors, read free books, and sync your data across all of your devices for a reading experience you can take with you on the go! Get access to an immense array of titles you won’t find anywhere else.

Kobo Books 

Whether you’re a diehard e-reader or you prefer to listen to novels via audiobook, enjoy loads of new releases and classic favorites, all from expertly-designed curated collections made just for you!


From magazines and newspapers to new releases in literature, get everything bookish all in one convenient place! Be the first to find out about the latest promotions and explore tons of new titles that you can read for free - perfect for the bookworm in constant need of new materials.

2. Access to Library Books 

Constantly buying books can be expensive. Save money with awesome apps that give you access to your local library, so you can read books online for free, no matter where you are.


Whether it’s for school or for pleasure, check out all the books you could ever need. Browse tons of titles and sample books with the simple tap of your finger so you can ensure that you find exactly what you are looking for - all at no cost to you!


Access all the books you could ever want, 24/7, for reading that’s on your terms! Avoid late fees and ditch the endless lines with this virtual library you can keep in your pocket.

3. Chat Stories 

Don’t have the time or energy for reading long stories? Satisfy your reading craving fast with tons of innovative, bite-sized stories told in chat form. Enjoy all the thrills of a full-length novel in small, easily manageable pieces.


Love a good thriller? Relish these fast, enticing stories that will have you on the edge of your seat! With new stories and installments added every day, you’ll never be without your favorite reading fix.


From fanfiction to horror stories, dive right into the world of text-message tales that will have you constantly wondering what will happen next! Discover tons of great stories written by fellow Yarn users, then try your hand at writing your own.


Laugh, cry, and shiver in fear with a wide variety of stories that you can read in just minutes. These non-traditional, chat-style stories add a fun spark to your reading repertoire. Take them with you on-the-go for a great way to stay entertained in your downtime!

4. Collaborative Story Writing 

Jump into a world of books and stories written by your peers! Whether you prefer romance, historical fiction, or the paranormal, explore a wide array of texts on tons of fun and unique subjects.


Read, write, and discover loads of fascinating books written by literature-lovers just like you. Connect with other readers and writers from around the world, and share your feedback on your favorite stories.


Release your inner fanatic as you read books and stories written by and for fans! Whether you love a particular band, book, television show, or movie, join the conversation and read, or even write, stories about all your favorite people and characters.

Regular readers and bookworm newbies alike will love the ease and convenience of innovative ebook apps! Want access to even more ebook greatness? Check out our list of the Best 10 Ebook Apps!

The world's largest library at your fingertips! Explore bestsellers' lists, make bookmarks, and exchange library books through the ebook reader you like best.

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