Have you ever read a book and come across a word you don’t know? Or, maybe you're writing a paper and cannot find the right word to fit into your sentence. You can now expand your vocabulary and challenge yourself to learn a new word daily. 


Take some fun word quizzes that can help you practice new words and play a cool game at the same time! The word of the day features a new word with a definition every day. Struggling to pronounce a word? If you like Cambridge Dictionary and Webster's Dictionary then you'll love Dictionary.  You can listen to the audio pronunciation of any word so you can say it correctly. You can look at your history and favorite words so you can easily refer to them anytime. And, don't worry about finding a synonym because there is a built-in thesaurus.

Dictionary is a great app for finding new words and definitions. After a recent update, you'll find a new design which may be a bit confusing. Just remember, if you have any questions at all, it's super easy to contact customer support.


Studying for the SAT or ACT and need to grow your vocabulary? You can use the word of the day feature to learn one new word every day, and over time you will have a vast list of new words at your disposal. Grammar and language tips help you improve your writing and your knowledge of the English language. You can even read articles with interesting pictures about different words on the home page, with new ones posted often!

Dictionary.com is a great app for anyone who wants to find words, synonyms, and more! Some users have found that when loading a definition, the app may be a bit slow. If you are patient, you can go back to learning new words and building your vocabulary. 

Oxford Dictionary of English 

Forget trying to find a word in a real dictionary. You can now quickly search for the word you want and get its definition in a couple of seconds. Oxford Dictionary of English is great for anyone who wants to learn some new words, especially students. Similar to Rhyme Dictionary you can find loads of definitions and words, along with pronunciations and synonyms. If you are studying for a vocabulary test you can save all your words in the form of a list, inside a specific folder. You can also learn some new words every day with the word of the day feature, and set up the random word widget on your home screen for even more fun words! 

Some users have found that when using the app they may be asked to leave a review. If you do not wish to leave a review you can simply click out of the notification and continue your search for definitions!

Learning new words can be fun and you can grow your vocabulary! If you would like more interesting dictionary apps you can check out our Best 10 Dictionary Apps! 

A writer's best friend is his dictionary. From reverse to rhyming and urban dictionaries, explore a vast online library of definition resources available.


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