No more hauling around that ten pound Oxford Dictionary or flipping through hundreds of dusty pages of the Cambridge Dictionary at the library. Get the entire English language on your personal device to use in a flash when you need to paraphrase for an essay. Or just look up a quick definition whenever you run into a new word! Your reading and writing skills will be top notch, and you're sure to learn tons of new words in the process. Premium

The online dictionary you're used to using on your computer, now conveniently on your phone or tablet! Easily find the search bar and toggle between dictionary and thesaurus, right at the top of the screen. You can look up any word out there with multiple dictionaries to choose from in the premium version, including slang, idioms, medical terms, and even a rhyme dictionary. Need to look up a word but unsure how to spell it? Speak it into your microphone and let do the rest! With the text to speech button, you can even hear how words are pronounced without struggling to comprehend the phonetic alphabet.

Users love the feature to save favorite words to revisit later, but a few have commented that the app does not support an organization function for their favorites list. However, Premium developers are constantly providing new features, and until then, all of your favorite words are available across all of your devices with just a little scrolling to look through them.


The Merriam-Webster's Dictionary app not only makes it easy to search for definitions and synonyms but also really helps you learn along the way. With the "Word of the Day" and so many options for quizzes and games, learning is made easy, whether you're studying SAT words or just broadening your English language horizons. Definitions also include audio pronunciations and illustrations to round out your knowledge. And if you feel like you're missing out on the ability to just read through a dictionary like you can with the physical book, the tablet app version has a scrolling index feature, so you can see all the words in alphabetical order.

The Merriam-Webster "Word of the Day" is great for picking up some new vocabulary words and learning a bit of history, but unfortunately, there are no push notifications to remind you to check daily. Luckily, the feature is available as a widget, so you can still see the new daily word and definition right on your home screen or smartwatch!

With these tools, you'll have every word imaginable at your fingertips! You're sure to be a wordsmith in no time. For even more apps that bring a whole new meaning to "pocket dictionary," you won't want to miss our Best 10 Dictionary Apps!

A writer's best friend is his dictionary. From reverse to rhyming and urban dictionaries, explore a vast online library of definition resources available.


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