Want to get breaking news every day, wherever you go? Read articles, watch videos, and get alerts on breaking news! If you have a busy schedule, it can be hard to watch the news regularly or stay on top of current events. With these helpful news apps, you can get great daily news and watch it on the go! 

RT News 

RT News is a simple app that allows you to get great news without political or commercial influence. Get different perspectives and interesting world news that you cannot get from any other source. The clean, user-friendly design allows you to easily access pictures and watch the news. Reading the news doesn’t have to be boring or difficult anymore; you can now get a variety of stories without bias! 

RT News (Russia Today) is great for anyone who wants access to news, broadcasts, and shows. There is the occasional ad, but with such amazing, free content, you will probably not even notice.

CNN Breaking US & World News

If you love CBS news, then you will also enjoy CNN Breaking US and World News! You can stream CNN originals like Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown and Erin Burnett Out Front, and watch it on your device. If you would like specific news alerts, you can customize just the kind of notifications you'll receive. Want unlimited access to all the videos? Just enter your television provider and get all CNN programs without paying extra!

CNN Breaking US and World News is great for anyone who wants to stay up to date with the news when they don't have much time. However, if you live outside the US, you will be unable to watch on-demand and Live TV. Don't worry, there are plenty of clips that you can access that will provide you with lots of news information.

Fox News 

Watch Fox News anywhere you go and never miss out on news or your favorite Fox shows again. Get great breaking news with videos, pictures, and slideshows. If you would like to listen to a broadcast, you can switch just to just audio. Read articles and opinion pieces from writers at Fox News. Set up alerts to notify you when there are new breaking stories, so you can stay on top of everything important that happens. 

Some users have noticed that with the recent update they may not be able to change the text size of the articles. This may be a bit frustrating if you are used to this feature, but you can still zoom in on the app if need be. 

BBC News

Want to personalize your news feed? You can create a news feed with articles that interest you under My News. If you like a story or want to know more, you can check out related stories to find similar news. Get relevant and new content, and read stories that you find interesting! If you do not have wifi but want to read on the go, you can download articles and read them offline! 

BBC News offers an interesting way to personalize the news you receive. However, some users have found that there are new video ads added to the app that may be frustrating to watch. If you don’t mind watching some video ads, you can go back to reading and watching the news. 

Keeping up with the news can be difficult if you have a busy lifestyle, and you’re on-the-go but now you can get great news on your phone. If you love the news and would like to get more daily news, check out Best 10 Daily and Breaking News Apps! 

Bringing you the most current daily news headlines on the go, these top-rated breaking news apps keep you updated on what's happening in the world.

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