Crosswords are a great way to enjoy a relaxing time and challenge your brain! Find yourself waiting for the next New York Times crossword or WSJ crossword? Get your crossword fix instantly with our top picks for crossword games! Did you forget the USA Today crossword on the coffee table? Download the games on your phone or tablet and keep them handy when you want a quick break! Crossword Puzzle Free and Penny Dell Crosswords are a great choice whether you are new to the game or if you are looking for some tough crossword puzzles. Get hints and choose from several handicap settings to play at a level you are comfortable with!

Crossword Puzzle Free

Looking for a game to play on your next plane ride? Crossword Puzzle Free is a great choice since it is also available to play offline. Turn on airplane mode and put your skills to the test! The interface is simple, modern, and easy to navigate. A handful of modifiers are available to adjust your difficulty setting. Want to take it easy? Get hints by letter or word! No subscription is required, and free puzzle packs are added weekly!

When choosing your next level, you are always told the grid-size, puzzle difficulty, and author up front. There is no way to rate puzzles or their authors. Is there an author you are not fond of? Easily skip those authors you don't like! You will always find rich and challenging puzzles to keep you entertained. If you run out of the free puzzles, the paid puzzle packs worth the price!

Penny Dell Crosswords

If you like to play a daily crossword with your cup of coffee, then you might prefer to try Penny Dell Crosswords. Free crossword puzzles are added daily in three different difficulties: easy, medium, and hard! Penny Dell Crosswords features the best puzzles from Penny Press and Dell Magazines, so you will certainly find some challenging puzzles. The game is free to play, and you obtain a collection of puzzles when you download the first time!

Keep in mind, you will see ads when playing the free puzzles. However, they might serve as a good break to clear your mind before starting the next game. Besides, they help pay for the great puzzle designs you get for free every day! You also have the option to purchase puzzle packs which do not contain ads.

Spend some time relaxing and keep your mind active by playing challenging and fun crossword puzzles. Adjust the difficulty setting to your comfort level and enjoy! If you have not gotten enough crossword puzzles, then make sure you check out our Best 10 Crossword Puzzle Games!

The best crossword puzzles, spanning a variety of topics and difficulty levels. Heaven for even the most intense of crossword makers!

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