When you're stumped on five across and getting no help from the intersecting letters, it's pretty frustrating that your New York Times crossword puzzle can't just whisper a little hint in your ear. So what can you turn to when you want a crossword experience that's just a little less frustrating? Lucky for you, there's something you can download to your phone that gives you access to free crossword puzzles and help when you're stuck! (I'll give you a hint: it's a three letter word that starts with an A.)

Word Chums

Build your own crossword with your best chums in this interactive vocabulary battle! Compete in teams with up to four friends, and play multiple games at once to earn more points and level up even faster. Also, earn points to get clothing and accessories for your chum avatar. With a built-in dictionary, you can learn as you go and double-check before you play. If you get stumped, you can activate a word search that unscrambles your letters for you and gives you the best possible suggestion. You can even bomb out all your wordbank letters for new ones!

This game is fun to play with friends and a social game at its core, so be aware that it does cost you coins if you want to play against the computer. But with all the options to invite your friends or make new friends from around the world, you probably won't even think about wanting to play against a robot!

One Clue Crossword

Crosswords with a twist! One Clue Crossword does not have the usual lists of "fill in the blank" questions to answer on the game board. Instead, one picture is provided and every word in the puzzle comes from the image, either literally or more abstractly. With 800+ puzzles spanning over multiple levels, you might find yourself in need of a hint or two to keep progressing and collecting tokens. Trade those tokens to use the helpful buttons that remove unusable letters from your word bank or reveal new letters on the board.

The tokens make for great incentives to solve puzzles quickly without using hints, but users should be aware that sometimes a certain amount of tokens are required to unlock the next level. If you're out of tokens, you can wait for your next daily allowance or you can purchase more to play instantly. Don't forget that you get one free puzzle per day, no tokens needed!

Crossword Quiz

Put your trivia skills to the test by answering both textual and visual questions to solve each puzzle. There are over 50 different categories to choose from, so you can set yourself up for more success by choosing the one you know or give yourself a challenge and choose a category you're less familiar with. Got stuck? You can use earned coins to reveal a letter, remove letters from your wordbank, or solve the whole word if you're really lost. With so many puzzles to choose from, you'll be entertained for hours!

Crossword Quiz makes it easy to earn enough coins for game use without having to purchase them through the app. Since it's less costly in this way, there are a few pop-up ads occasionally after making a move. They are easy enough to ignore if you want to save money, but can also be removed for a small fee, so you can keep playing without any interruptions.

You'll never be discouraged from finishing your crosswords again! Once you're ready to take on more crosswords without hints, take a look at our 10 Best Crossword Puzzle Games for challenging puzzles like the USA Today Crossword or WSJ Crossword puzzles.

The best crossword puzzles, spanning a variety of topics and difficulty levels. Heaven for even the most intense of crossword makers!

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