Customers are the biggest component of keeping your business running and growing, but managing interactions with them can be tricky; especially with so much data coming in from all sides of sales, customer service, and social media. Customer relations management technology, like Method CRM, Zoho CRM, or Act CRM, is a vital part of keeping track of every type of customer communication. Businesses of all sizes will reap the benefits of these apps that conveniently bring CRM software across all your devices, and give you the business reports you need to keep improving!


This top-rated business mobile app gives you all your CRM data at your fingertips! Never miss an opportunity with the ability to see your daily schedule, get instant notifications, and close deals no matter where you are. You can communicate via message or conference call with anyone on your team using the Chatter feature to streamline your work-flow and keep all contacts in one app. The business performance charts are updated automatically, so you can see how your company sales are doing at any given moment. You can also see account information at the touch of a button, so no need to fumble to find the numbers you need during a meeting!

Salesforce makes it easy to multi-task and navigate to different accounts while keeping track of messages, calls, and calendar reminders. Occasionally, if you're switching between functions too much, the app may load a bit slower or momentarily freeze. It's always fixable by restarting the app, and it only gets better with how often the developers roll out updates!

Cloze Relationship Management

Cloze is a great, connection-oriented application, with all of your important customer profiles at a glance, so you never forget any valuable details. Data for these profiles are pulled from every different app you use, and all information and points of contact are put together, including emails and phone calls, or meeting notes and calendar events. This makes detailed, personal connections possible, even with having so many customers and other contacts to keep track of. You'll also be able to see analytics and reports for every quarter, and track activity, leads, and engagement for everyone on your team.

Cloze has a number of useful features for customer relations, but you may find yourself a little slow getting to know how to use it and figuring out how to link all of your apps to it. Luckily, customer support for the app is diligent and ready to help at any time!


Organizing all your sales information has never been easier! If you're a smaller business and just starting out with a CRM program, Pipedrive is a great option with easy setup and an easy-to-navigate interface. All contact information and customer histories are quickly locatable, and it's simple to jot down notes during your meetings or phone calls. Everything is synced in the web-based cloud, so you can easily switch between the program on your desktop or on your device application, depending on whether you're in the office or on the go for a sales meeting. All closed deals are saved and generated into overviews to track your sales progress over time.

Like Cloze, Pipedrive also has an application syncing feature, but some applications, like Microsoft Exchange Calendar, have not yet been included. The app developers are constantly adding new features, and more app-syncing tools are definitely on the way for future updates. You won't want to miss out on these great ways to manage your sales pipeline!

Let these apps do all the hard work for you so you can focus more on the vital relationships that will help your business flourish. Interested in more ways to up your customer relations game? Check out our Best 10 CRM Apps!

CRM without a great strategy is crazy. Create a plan, organize your contacts, and ensure a healthy customer relationship with CRM software.


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