Keeping up with all the latest cricket games and news can be difficult if you have a busy lifestyle. You don’t have to worry about missing a game again, because now you can get all the highlights and even watch replays. Plus, you can get all your cricket games right on your phone or tablet! Get player statistics, scoreboards and most importantly, access to live games! 

Cricket Live Line

Cricket Live Line gives you the ability to get all the latest cricket news with a simple and user-friendly interface. Get in-depth player information like how many points each player has and what their positions are. You can find out when all matches are going to take place on a schedule that shows both international and domestic games. Watch live cricket and get a live cricket score no matter where you go, whether it’s at home or in a cafe. Want more information on a game? You can get ball-by-ball commentary on what is going on so you can stay updated! 

Cricket Live Line is great for cricket fans who want to keep up with all the news and latest cricket games. Although, some users have found that the ads can be a bit distracting while browsing or watching a game. However, with a little patience, you can get back to enjoying your game quickly. Remember, you do get live cricket streaming for free! 

Cricket Mazza Live Line

Cricket Mazza Live Line gives you the ability to watch upcoming and previously recorded matches along with expert opinions and commentary about the match. The colorful interface makes looking through the app easy and exciting. Find out what matches are upcoming, read about who is playing, and get news surrounding each match. Get exclusive features and regularly updated news on matches and scores, perfect for anyone who loves cricket. Can't find that cricket score? You can access records and statistics using the app to find out about players or past games!

Some users have found that, to access additional features, payment is required. For those who really love cricket, this small extra payment is worthwhile. You can get access to exclusive cricket news and extra opinions on cricket matches. 


Receive information about games from around the world! The auto-refresh system allows you to see the most recent changes in scores and statistics without having to manually refresh your app. Save your favorite teams so you can access them quickly, and get notifications for specific games and scores. Watch videos, read articles and listen to opinions from experts who love cricket and can give you an in-depth analysis of games.

Some users have found that the recent updates have added information to the app. This may cause the interface to work a bit differently than it used to. Once you get used to the way it works you should have no trouble with navigating the app and finding what you want. 

You can watch cricket live on the go and get all the latest news so you can stay updated! If you want to even more cricket, check out our Best 10 Cricket Apps! 

Watching cricket is even more exciting when you don’t have to miss a single game. Get live HD cricket streaming on your phone easily.


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