Keeping up with the latest fashions doesn't have to burn a hole in your wallet! With these clothing rewards apps, you'll not only find the lowest prices and sales, but you'll get special discounts just for shopping frequently. Plus, with so many options for clothing stores online, you can save all the time you'd usually spend hunting around the mall and make your purchases from the comfort of your home. It's a win-win situation for everyone, and updating the wardrobe for yourself or your family will be easier than ever!

Old Navy

All the Old Navy deals and rewards you love in one convenient place! Your details, discounts, and payment information are saved in your online account; all you have to do is login for a quick shopping experience. Rewards can be used in one click at check out, so there's no need to carry around coupons. Say goodbye to scouring through teen clothing stores and kids clothing stores! Old Navy has something for everyone in the family, just a few taps away from arriving on your doorstep.

Like other Gap Inc. stores, you do have to be an Old Navy card holder in order to participate in the rewards program, which is more than worth it if you're a regular at Old Navy or any other Gap-affiliated store. But even without the card, anyone is free to enjoy the easy shopping through the app and the great sale prices!

Hollister So Cal Style

For great discounts on fun and summery Southern California trends, look no further than the Hollister So Cal Style app. Just login to your Club Cali account and start shopping to collect rewards and get cash off your future purchases. Plus, as a member, you'll get notifications about exclusive deals. You can save all your favorite items to your wishlist and use the app to reserve pick-up in store, so you can get your hands on your favorite fashions in an instant!

The Club Cali program will get you the best discounts, but a few users have noted some problems with logging in to their already existing account on the app. Not to worry, since this can be easily fixed by either reinstalling the application or contacting the customer support team!


Just like the Old Navy app, the Gap app gives you access to all your favorite jeans styles and more, plus tons of rewards coupons for discounts that will save you the big bucks. In addition, if you want to add items from other Gap Inc. online clothing stores, you can check out all at once and redeem reward points in the same purchase. Now that's a fast and convenient way to do some power shopping!

Since the app stores all of your personal information, it does require you to sign back in every time you open it up. A small inconvenience in return for the peace of mind that all your sensitive credit card information is kept safe!


Rosegal has tons of variety for all your clothing and accessory needs, including items such as vintage styles, swimwear, and plus size. Women's clothing stores can be pricey, so these in-app rewards and free shipping on everything will really help you save money in your bank account. Hundreds of new styles are added each day, and you'll no doubt want to check in frequently. Plus, new users get 10% off their first order! Who knows? The perfect new dress or pair of shoes may be waiting for you right now!

A few users have noticed that shipping occasionally takes a little bit longer than usual. It's always a good idea to check the estimated shipping time, and keep in mind that with 100% free flat-rate shipping and so many items in high demand, this may not be the best resource for a last minute outfit. However, if you have a little extra time to wait, these clothes for both men and women's styles are a deal you can't pass up!

The sooner you start shopping, the sooner you can start earning these great rewards! What are you waiting for? For more ways to shop and save money at the best clothing stores around, check out our Best 10 Clothes Shopping & Fashion Apps. 

Do all of your clothes shopping easily & discover the latest discounts. Find the best clothing stores for women, men, teens & kids with great shopping apps.

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