Waking up to a loud and harsh sound can be really annoying and a bad way to start your day. Want to wake up to a ringtone of your choice? Organize your time by setting alarms with sounds or songs you love to help you get motivated, and get your tasks done. Alarm clocks are useful for many different things, like classroom timers or in place of wall clocks. Whether you are tired of irritating alarm sounds or just want your favorite song to be the first thing you hear in the morning, these alarm clock and alarm apps can help you achieve just that. 

Alarm Clock (android) & Alarm Clock' (ios)

With Alarm Clock, you can choose from several fun themes to personalize your alarm clock app. Set up your alarm so that it plays any song you want. Plus, set up widgets on your phone with a personalized design that you can access quickly. Need to set alarms for upcoming events and important dates? Use the calendar alarm to help you remember and keep track of important events like birthdays so you can get alerts when you need them. Use Alarm Clock’ to set as many alarms as you need to make sure you don’t oversleep and miss anything important. This app allows you to use it as a sleep timer so you can listen to music while you are trying to fall asleep. You can even shake your phone to turn on the flashlight feature. Need help planning what to wear for tomorrow? Alarm Clock’ gives you information on your local weather, so you can check the forecast and set your morning alarms. 

Some users have found that, after updates, it can occasionally be difficult to navigate the new layout of Alarm Clock'. Though this may be frustrating, you can always contact the helpful and friendly customer service who can help you resolve any issues or questions you have about the app. Alarm Clock is a good alternative if you have an Android device and still want all the same features that Alarm Clock' has.  

Alarm Clock for Me free

Wake up to any song you want so the first thing you hear in the morning isn’t a blaring alarm sound. With Alarm Clock for Me free, you can choose whatever song you want and make it your alarm tone. Need a less aggressive way to wake up in the morning? Now you can use features like fade in and vibrate to help you wake up in a way that is more gentle than just a flat-out alarm sound. Want to see the time at night? You don’t have to worry about turning on your phone when you need to see the time, this app allows you to view the time at just a glance while your phone is off. Having trouble waking yourself up completely in the morning can be a hassle. You can use the math alarm clock or the shake alarm clock to help get your brain and body active and ready to go for the day. By doing a math problem in the morning, your mind can be active from the time you wake up. 

Alarm Clock for Me free is a great app for anyone who wants a personalized way to set alarms and wake up in the morning. However, some users have found that there are a lot of ads that appear while using the app. Though this may be a bit annoying, the app is free, so the ads help the developers make a profit. With the app being free, you get a great alarm system that allows you to use music that you like to start your day and you can even get the weather and time at night when your phone is off.  

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Goodbye, snooze button! Browse beautiful alarm clock widgets and stopwatch timers to find one with features you love enough to wake up with.

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