Quality, restful sleep is a vital part of our overall health, but most of us aren't getting it. Whether it's falling short of the recommended 8 hours, or indulging in things like caffeine, alcohol, or too much internet browsing before bed, getting good rest at night isn't so simple. But these apps make it much easier! With these sleep tracking alarm clocks, you can put an end to all-day fatigue, and start paying better attention to your sleep patterns.

Sleep Cycle alarm clock

Sleep Cycle alarm clock is the perfect app for getting a great night's sleep every time. Using sound analysis, it keeps track of your cycles from light to deep sleep, the quality of your sleep, and other things like snoring. When you're in the lightest phase of your sleep in the morning, the alarm will sound based on the time range you set the night before. You can add notes to your daily logs so you'll remember the exact circumstances around a good or bad night of sleep. Sleep Cycle also generates reports and graphs on your sleep patterns, so you can see your average nightly amount and use the sleep quality readings to determine if there's anything that you need to change in order to sleep better. Your body will thank you for those well-needed ZZZ's!

Sleep Cycle allows you to track every night of sleep for free, but you will have to pay for a subscription if you want to enjoy the more premium features like long-term analysis, sleep notes, and sleep aids to help you fall asleep. But you'll still get all the sleep information you need at no cost, and the extra features are a good bonus and well worth the price to really take charge of your sleep cycle and your health.

Runtastic Sleep Better: Sleep Cycle & Smart Alarm

Sleep management has never been easier than with Runtastic! All you have to do is place your phone by your pillow and let the app take care of the rest. The sleep timer will record the exact amount of sleep you get between the time you fall asleep and the time it wakes you up, while the movement and sound tracker record your sleep efficiency. The alarm only goes off during your lightest sleep cycle, and you can choose from a wide selection of alarms to find a pleasant sound to start the day or a more aggressive alert if you really need to get up and at 'em in the morning. Each night's details are logged in your history, where you can also keep track of sleep influencers like workouts, alcohol, and food, and update your dream diary. 

Those that tend to set multiple alarms the night before and pound the snooze button the next morning should know that Runtastic does not have any sort of snooze feature. If you end up going back to sleep after the alarm, there will be no more sleep data collected. It may take some getting used to, but since it does wake you at the best possible moment, you should feel well-rested and may even find that you no longer need to get those five extra minutes of snooze time.

Start getting your best beauty sleep now! You deserve it. Looking for other alarms or just more ways to keep track of time? Ditch your wall clocks and your classroom timers or stopwatches, and take a look through our Best 10 Apps for Clocks & Timers!

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