It can be such a struggle to get your children to turn off their mobile devices and enjoy a classic board game with the family. But maybe you don’t have to! With so many great board games available as apps, you can enjoy quality game time with your kids (or by yourself!) even while on your phone.

1. For Families & Kids

Your kids will love the bright graphics and cute animations that these games offer. Plus, some of them even allow you to play with them with multiplayer mode or by “visiting” each other’s game board!

Bingo Partyland 

Just ask your kids’ teachers - kids love bingo! But don’t worry, there’s no gambling or money involved in this kid-friendly bingo game. The party-themed fun is sure to keep your little ones entertained for hours.

Board Kings 

This new age digital board game is perfect for playing with your whole family. Multiplayer mode allows you to have fun with other players by messing with the boards that they’ve created! It combines all the fun and hilarity of a classic board game with the dazzling digital graphics of mobile apps.

Four in a Row

As a parent, you will absolutely love this new take on Connect Four, because there are no more tiny pieces to pick up when the game is over! All the simplicity of the traditional Connect Four game is now virtual, which makes cleanup so much easier when the kids are done playing.

2. For Game Night

Nothing can quite replace the classic board games of game night. For decades, games like monopoly have been the go-to for family game night. Game nights are a great way to bond with your family, and now, you can do play with the help of these great mobile games.

Monopoly Bingo! 

Monopoly is so popular that it’s spawned an entire franchise of merchandise, like the Harry Potter monopoly board game and even the Safeway monopoly game board sweepstakes competition. But we can get rid of the monopoly game board with this exciting mix of monopoly and bingo!


The classic Scrabble board game is perfect for families because it helps build childhood vocabulary and prepare young children for school. Now, you can play with your kids and help them learn from anywhere with the Scrabble mobile game.


Clue has been a family favorite for decades. Was it Mrs. Peacock, in the library, with the knife? Find out with the classic murder mystery game that’s fun for the whole family.

3. Vintage Classic Board Games

Sometimes, you just want to enjoy a vintage board game by yourself. And that’s okay! Let the kids play their own games while you kick back and play a relaxing game on your own.

Wheel of Fortune Free Play

Throw it back to the good old days with the classic Wheel of Fortune! With real puzzles from the hit TV show, you’ll be entertained for hours. Plus, you’ll be preparing for the day that you end up competing on Wheel of Fortune yourself!


The childhood favorite is back, and it brings all the nostalgia with it. There’s nothing quite like the joy of a simple game of Checkers. Play wherever you want, whenever you want, with Checkers on your phone.


If you like Ludo, then you’ll like Rento. You can play this retro dice and card game solo or with up to four friends. If you’re playing with grownups you can go ahead and add some money to the mix to spice things up - but you didn’t hear that from us!

Game nights don’t have to be the same old, same old anymore. Mix it up with a great mobile board game, from Monopoly to Clue to Checkers and so many more! If you need some new ideas for game night, check out the Best 10 Classic Board Games for mobile.

Discover all of your favorite classic board games and bring their timeless charm right to your device! Rediscover the absolute best in board games.

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