Chess is a fun yet challenging game that will require you to make strategic moves to beat your opponent. Learning to play chess can be difficult if you do not know someone who knows all the rules and has the time to teach you to play. Even having access to a chess board may be a challenge, but you no longer have to worry. Become an expert at playing chess just by using your phone. Now, even if you're at work, you can learn how to play chess! By learning how to play chess, you can exercise your brain and push yourself to think about strategy. Get a good understanding of the game and practice before facing real opponents so you can show off everything you have learned. There are lots of benefits to learning how to play chess but, most importantly, it is great for your own amusement! 

Chess Tactics Pro 

Chess Tactics Pro allows you to play different puzzles and chess games, and bookmark the ones you like the most, so you can find them easily. You can choose from some nice themes for your chess boards to personalize the game further. Play daily puzzles to keep practicing your chess skills or just do it for a fun daily challenge. There are different levels so that, no matter whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you can find great chess games on your device. Want to see how you’re doing? Use the Progress Mode to complete a puzzle and, based on that, the app will give you analytics on how you have progressed since your last game. You can even look at a helpful graph that shows you past scores; it records all your game scores and organizes it so you can visualize your progress. 

Chess Tactics Pro is a great way to learn how to play chess in your free time! However, some users have found that the moves the game wants you to make might be a bit random or hard to think of. This is because the game wants you to learn new tactics and think differently than you normally would. This might be a bit of a challenge at first, but once you learn to play you shouldn’t have an issue with strategy. 

Chess Free (by

Chess Free is a vibrant and exciting game that teaches you to learn chess while playing these fun games. The games are even set in a fictitious chess world with exciting illustrations! Play against other online chess players or use offline mode and practice your skills against the computer. This game is great for beginners because there is a training mode that allows you to learn how to play the game. There are also tons of practice puzzles you can do to help you learn how to master chess. Even experts can find hours of entertainment with this game; there are thousands of chess exercises to choose from and lots of different levels. This way, no matter what experience you have playing chess, you can find puzzles that are great for you. 

Some have found that while playing certain puzzles, there are no instructions on how to solve the puzzle. This may be confusing for some beginners because they are still learning how to play chess, but for more experienced players this shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. The game is designed so that, with enough chess knowledge, you can figure out how to solve every puzzle. 

Chess Free (android) (by AI Factory Limited) & Chess Tiger (ios) 

Chess Free is a great game for those learning to play chess for the first time because the chess tutor option allows the game to recommend what moves to make. This can help you understand how the game works and develop a strategy on how you want to move pieces. Use the move analysis feature to understand the effect of your moves and what is good and bad about it. Want some extra editions in your game? You can choose from timers, hints, and handicaps to help you practice playing chess with different obstacles, or make the game easier with hints. With Chess Tiger, you can learn to play chess like a grandmaster. Choose from thousands of games and get tips on how a real chess expert would play. This way, you can learn chess and actually understand what good strategy and tactics are instead of simply reading about them and not being able to visualize the skills. 

While playing Chess Free in the online mode of the game, some users have found that other users occasionally abandon the game. This can be frustrating because you are left waiting to finish the game by yourself, but if it gets to be too much, you can switch to a single player game offline or leave the game and play against someone else. 

Chess (by Chess Prince)

Are you a chess lover? The developer of Chess has a passion for the game, so you are getting a game designed by someone who genuinely likes the game and wants others to learn too. Chess allows you to choose from 5 different themes to customize your game board. No matter what your level of experience is, there are many to choose from. If you make any mistakes during the game, don’t worry, you can use the undo feature to remove any wrong moves you made. Easily catch a mistake and fix it before it's too late! There are different game modes, like two player mode, so you can play with a friend or family member and test out your skills against them. 

This chess game only allows you to play against a computer or with another opponent, but not online. This is good for beginners because they can practice their skills, and for anyone who just wants a challenge for themselves. Even though there is no way to play chess online, you can choose from different levels for hours of entertainment and an exciting challenge.  

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One of the world's oldest strategy games, made elegant and convenient for the modern user. Learn how to play chess like a grandmaster now!


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