Love playing card games, but not sure how to introduce them to your children? Card games are a beloved pastime for people all around the world - teach your kids the benefits of strategic thinking with these super fun kids card games they won’t want to stop playing!

1. Classic Card Games 

Children will go crazy for these classic, popular card games that keep everyone on their toes! Kids will love to play and you’ll love keeping them entertained.

Crazy Eights 

Kids will build strategy skills as they take on their competitors in this kids game that pairs observation and creativity with a real card table setting!

Hearts Free

Children can choose their opponents, come up with a game plan, and have a blast with this simple, easy-to-understand game for all ages!

Old Maid 

The all-time card game classic is now virtual! Kids will love tricking their opponents to see who will win and who will end up the Old Maid.

Go Fish

A colorful undersea setting meets fun, interactive gameplay with this card game that makes kids think! Teach your children about strategy and memorization with this great introductory card game for all kids.

2. Card Games with Fun Characters 

Finding it difficult to get your kids interested in regular card games? Discover tons of innovative card games that merge classics with new modern twists and characters.


Beloved characters come to life with an interactive card game that lets kids live out their ultimate Yu-Gi-Oh fantasies! Children can battle opponents around the world alongside their favorite characters.

Card Wars Kingdom 

Cards, magic, and mischief swirl together with a game that combines creativity, intellect, and imagination all in one! Kids will love collecting creatures, visiting magical kingdoms, and kicking butt!


Kids play with one of many fun and unique characters for the perfect way to stay entertained for hours! Multiple difficulty levels and an easy user-interface are great for young children.

3. Advanced Games for Older Kids 

Keep older children entertained while ensuring their brains are receiving healthy stimulation! Advanced card game apps like Solitaire card games and Uno provide a fun way to keep your child active.


Does your child enjoy puzzle solving? This totally customizable, easy-to-use card game is the perfect platform for kids who enjoy fast problem-solving tasks.

UNO ™ & Friends

Kids can take their favorite card game with them wherever they go! Children will love going head-to-head with friends and family to see who will be named the ultimate Uno champion.


Young adults will love putting their knowledge to the test with their favorite card game that’s now 100% digital! All cards stay in one place for a game that’s fun and convenient.

Keeping kids happy and entertained is a breeze with these fun card games they won’t want to put down! Want even more card game options? Check out our Best 10 Card Games for Kids!

From flashcards to memory games and everything in-between, children of all ages will be entertained for hours with these ageless card games for kids.

Card Games for Kids

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