When you travel regularly, whether for work or for fun, you'll probably find yourself racking up quite a lot of rental car bills. Car rental can be expensive, but luckily, many car rental companies offer loyalty programs to incentivize repeat rentals! With loyalty programs, you can earn rewards, credits, and other perks just for renting with the same every time you travel. Here are a few rental car companies all offer loyalty programs that you can manage on your phone, with handy apps.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Enterprise is a ubiquitous name in rental car agencies because it offers so many locations and so many great deals. When you become an Enterprise Rent a Car Plus member, you can choose one of the many locations to set as your favorite. Then, whenever you go into that location, you get to enjoy quick, easy pickups. Plus you can redeem credits right on your phone, which can lead to great price deals and upgrades – so you can get a high-quality experience for the price of a budget rental car!

Travelers of all shapes, sizes, and means love Enterprise, but here's a word of warning for international travelers: if you plan on taking a rental car across national borders, you should call up ahead of time to confirm availability for the car! While you are able to make the reservation easily on the app, international rules vary, so it's always safest to double check. But Enterprise is known for having amazing customer service, so a quick phone call will be no sweat.

National Car Rental

The National Car Rental app makes selecting a renting a car both easy and fun for all customers, with a live virtual shopping "aisle" of available cars. But customers who are also Emerald Club members have even more perks! When you're an Emerald member, your profile information gets automatically imported every time you make a reservation, which saves you time and effort. Plus, you can manage all of your profile, rewards, and tier level from within the app, too.

If you're not already an Emerald Club member, you'll definitely feel like you're missing out when using this app. Every feature - including the virtual checkout - is designed for Emerald members. However, they make signup easy, and you accumulate points quickly. Many users are executive Emerald members or higher! And who knows? That could be you soon!

Avis Car Rental

You can start enjoying benefits as soon as you sign up for the Avis Preferred membership program on the app: just walk right in and skip the line at your next vehicle pickup! You also receive your vehicle number and location on the lot, so you can expedite your reservation check-in and get on your way faster. Plus you can manage all your Preferred member information from your phone with the app, make reservations, and more.

While some of their rates are higher than competitors, it's generally because the cars are better quality, so you're actually getting a worthwhile deal. If you're not looking for a budget car rental experience (read: a cheap car rental) and you can afford to get a better car, then you should go for it! Besides, with the convenience of reserving on your phone and walking straight through pick up, the extra cost is usually worth it.

Are you ready to start cashing in on those major savings? From pick up to drop off, loyalty programs make car renting a breeze. If you're looking for other ways to improve your car rental experience, check out our list of the Best 10 Car Rental Apps!

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