We all have a sweet tooth for fun ways to pass the time whether spending hours on a bus, waiting in line or on a long, tiresome trip. Because let's be honest, it feels like we're just wasting time. So when you're searching for an entertaining way out, we've got the answer. 

The fantastic games on this list are a sweet solution to candy loving no matter if you need to kill seconds, minutes or even hours. They provide instant fun and most importantly, they are a real treat. Remember, though these look rick in calories, you don't actually have to worry about your weight!

Crafty Candy

Same as a cotton candy machine spins to produce sweet cotton clouds, so does Crafty Candy provide an almost endless bag of super delicious levels. There's no line too long or a ride too tedious that over 1000 levels can't transform into delightful fun. Each level is unique and when you add tons of satisfying colors and eye-pleasing graphics, dull hours simply melt away.

As you progress through levels and slowly figure out the tricks to beating the game, you might think candy matching will get easier with each level. But no worries, with all of these levels, each becomes just enough more challenging to keep you playing without wondering if there's a better way to pass the time.

Candy Valley

The game isn't called Candy Valley for nothing. Besides the regular candy matching, you stroll through beautiful valleys full of candy samples and discover new recipes. Each level you beat brings more amazing boosts to perform sweet combos and quickly crush lollipops, muffins, sodas and more.  It's a classic game with a fantastic twist anyone can play right away.

At first, Candy Valley might not seem it has anything new to offer - just another match 3 game. But if you're a candy-loving person, you'll quickly realize there something charming about the overall concept. The levels are fast, the gameplay is dynamic and you'll constantly say to yourself - "ok, one more and I'm done." Good luck with that!


There's more to candy games than just your candy-loving appetite for a fun game. Instead of merely going through levels for hours on end, KingCraft takes a slightly different approach. You get to choose how you want to play! Do you wish to start in the Frozen Island, Dragon Island or somewhere else? Each Island provides delicious supplies you can use to grow your kingdom quickly. So you're not just aimlessly matching candies, but you're also building, exploring and expanding your castle at the same time.

KingCraft is all about collecting candy charms to build a bigger kingdom. Since the amount of islands is limited, if you're exceptionally good, you might find yourself with no islands left to explore. But don't worry, the developers are constantly bringing in new islands and you know what that means. Yep, more levels, more fun!

Candy Crush Jelly Saga

No need to introduce Candy Crush too much as it's basically the game that started it all. But what's interesting about the Jelly Saga edition is the incredibly sweet characters you'll instantly fall in love with. Even the villains like the all-mighty Jelly Queen will make you go "awww" as you beat levels and powerful bosses. Yes, you read it right. Besides regular gameplay, there are also powerful enemies that will put your candy matching skills to the test. Still, although powerful and ruthless, you can't but marvel how sweet they are.

God only knows how many sagas Candy Crush has put out in the last 6 years. The neverending game publishing might make it seem as if the entire game is getting repetitive. But by some mysterious bonbon magic, Candy Crush keeps on delivering with each new saga and it gets better and better.

Sweet Maker

You've already played so many candy matching games, you know each one inside out. No level is a mystery and there isn't a chocolate mountain you haven't overcome. So how about creating your own levels? If you're feeling particularly creative, you can easily create extremely fun Match 3 levels with Sweet Maker. Not only that, you can quickly share levels with candy aficionados around the world or even play other creators' levels. Imagine Sweet Maker as a global candy club where everyone with a sweet tooth is invited.

Although creating and playing other people's levels is extremely fun, there's a chance you'll stumble upon not-so-creative designs. As practically anyone can join, some levels might not be your cup of tea. But no worries, when it comes to fun vs. boring ratio, fun levels win by a landslide - and FYI, an extremely sweet landslide.

The day is slowly ending and you've successfully melted another set of boring hours. With each next day, you might wonder if there's a new candy game you can play. If you've already played all the games we listed, go and check our Best 10 Candy Making Games. Something new and sweet is just a single tap away.

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