Keeping track of how many calories you’re eating a day and staying on top of your diet can be a real challenge without the proper tools. Don’t waste time manually tracking your meals. Instead, get the results you want and the motivation you need to keep control of your calorie count. Luckily, there are some great apps that can help you efficiently count calories and maximize your ability to stay healthy!

My Diet Coach 

My Diet Coach can easily help you keep track of your weight loss with fantastic charts that let you view your progress. Set goals, receive reminders, and boost your motivation with inspiring tips and quotes, not every calorie tracker has to be boring! Want to increase the amount of water you drink in a fun way? You can track how much water you drink every day inside the app! You can also earn “Healthy Lifestyle” points for your improvements.

For loads of extra fun, customize your own avatar with tons of awesome outfits you can earn with Healthy Lifestyle points. Interested in something more traditional? Check out these exercise apps designed to help you lose weight and feel great!

Weight Watchers Mobile

Earn badges and rewards to further motivate you to lose weight with this fun diet tracker. Seeking inspiration? If you need some support you can connect with others trying to lose weight in the Connect Community and also share pictures and videos of your progress. Track your diet easily by scanning the barcodes on your foods so you can easily log them. Find your favorites under My Foods which will store all previous meals that you like so you can waste less time counting your calories!

Would you like to input your activity from your fitness tracker? Fitness trackers like Fitbit are compatible and can sync with the app; however, people with other types of fitness trackers may be unable to connect. Some users may find this challenging. But, thankfully, you can still manually load your information, so you'll be all set!

Calorie Counter (android) & MyNetDiary PRO (ios)

Calorie Counter and MyNetDiary Pro Calorie Counter have colorful and fun interfaces to help you easily track your calories using the calorie calculator. Icons for food and exercise allow you to quickly log any exercises without taking up your valuable time! Use the calories burned calculator to see how much you have burned after each workout. Track your progress efficiently with both apps in the form of colorful graphs to see how much weight you have lost over time. Both apps allow you to track how many carbohydrates, fats, and proteins you eat every day, enabling you to plan out what macronutrients you will eat every day!

When it comes to entering food items, some users have found it difficult to find exactly what they’re looking for. The food items list is not that extensive, but it does have basic meals along with some additional ingredients you can mix to create a meal. As long as you know how many calories you’ve consumed, then you should have no problem. 

Losing weight and eating healthy can become an easier process if you have the right tools to guide you. These calorie counting apps will help you get the best results and keep you on track with your diet. To find even more motivation, check out our Best 10 Calorie Counting Apps!

Whether you want to lose weight or simply stay in shape, a calorie counting calculator will help. Stay healthy & on track with great calorie & food trackers.

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