A calorie calculator makes it extremely easy to track your daily calorie intake and reach your desired weight goal, so you can start feeling good about your body. But it's easier said than done since we're constantly bombarded by moments where we feel like we just don't know what to do no matter the numbers. As crucial as calorie counting is to losing weight, sticking to a goal is even more important, and that's where a quality diet tracker and nutrition planner comes in.

If you're constantly wondering what the best plan is for your specific body type, there are amazing apps out there that can help you with that. To make your search even easier, we bring you the best two calorie counting apps, both with validated nutrition plans to help you along the way.


Eggs are the number one morning meal, we all know that. But eating eggs every single morning does become boring, even after just a couple of days. So, you're probably left wondering what else you could possibly eat to get all the daily nutrition your body needs. Besides having over 2 million foods in their rich library, you can easily find and discover new meals with Yazio. Whether you're trying to build muscle or you simply want to lose a couple of pounds, here you'll find simple, yet effective, nutrition plans for any situation.

With so many different foods, you might think you'll be overwhelmed with information you don't really need. Fortunately,  alongside a super simple calorie counter, Yazio's powerful search features make it super easy to find the food that's most beneficial to your diet. And we're not talking about just eggs!

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If you ever wished for a tailored diet plan, look no further. With just a couple of simple questions, you'll instantly get the best plan to achieve what you want. Simply enter your weight, specify your goal and you can start the journey towards a healthy body straight away. Additionally, the "calories burned" calculator comes with an intuitive fats and proteins tracker as well. This makes it super easy to keep a close eye on everything going on in your body while following a plan customized just for you. Finally, if you're worried you'll start another failed diet, the app comes with tons of fun features to keep you motivated and make the entire journey as fun as possible. 

Although it feels like just another calorie counter, the more you use it, the more neat features you'll discover, like integrating your calorie tracker with workouts to keep you in shape. This way you're getting the three key features of a successful diet.  Achieving and maintaining a healthy body is all about efficiency, but whoever said it has to be hard?

Just by sticking to a plan, you'll quickly start to see longlasting results and the best part is, the more you succeed, the easier it will get. Having a trusty calorie counter by your side ensures you never lose sight of what truly matters. But, if you need a bit more, you can check our list of Best 10 Calorie Counter Apps. 

Whether you want to lose weight or simply stay in shape, a calorie counting calculator will help. Stay healthy & on track with great calorie & food trackers.

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