Save time and energy, and lose weight at the same time! Calorie-counting is an age-old tradition for people looking to lose those extra pounds, but now it's even easier thanks to calorie counting apps with barcode scanners. Stop the endless manual inputting of calories, grams of sugar, milligrams of sodium, and more. Simply scan the code - it's that easy. You'll be losing weight before you know it!


Gone are the days when you needed to pull out your calorie calculator to keep track of the foods you're eating. Now you can do it all in the palm of your hand with a built-in calorie counter that does all the work for you! Use the barcode scanner tool to quickly add the correct calorie count to your daily allotment. Add entire meals with just the tap of your finger so you don't have to worry about forgetting a single number. Plus, the calorie count feature keeps everything organized so you can see your daily calories at a glance.

With a recent update that has made logging in to the app a tad less streamlined, people are finding it is taking a bit longer to scan their foods into their calorie tracker. But do not worry, this problem should be remedied in the very near future with one of the many updates that are constantly being added to make the app more accessible and user-friendly! 

Lose It! 

Happily join the millions of users who are losing weight by counting their calories with Lose It!, and witness the significant difference calorie counting can make in your life. Count along with friends and other members of the Lose It! community to gain inspiration and stay on track for a better, more fit you. Snap a picture of the foods you eat for a truly easy way to add them to your count for the day and then forget about them! Make your day about you, not about your diet.

Love eating out? Take a picture of meals from your favorite restaurants to find them in the immense Lose It! app library. Just keep in mind that restaurant menus are constantly changing, which means that you may not always be able to find the exact meal you're looking for. Thankfully, Lose It! still allows you to input calories manually when needed, so you can eat all of your favorite foods with ease; even when you're not at home!


Whether you are looking for a diet tracker, calories burned calculator, or merely a simple way to log the foods you eat, Calorie Counter has your back. Find all the tools you need to make your healthy lifestyle as efficient as possible - and that starts with what you eat! Record how much water you're drinking and use the barcode scanner to add all of your favorite foods to your list. Plus, users with diabetes will love Calorie Counter's Track Lab feature that allows you to keep track of your glucose, A1C and cholesterol readings throughout the day. Whatever you're looking for, calorie counter will find it fast!

Eating fresh foods without a barcode? This can make adding foods to your daily intake a hair tricky if you don't know where to look. Thankfully, Calorie Counter has a wide library of meals you can search through, including commonly made dishes you might already have pre-prepared at home. Simply tap on the food item you want to include - from a nectarine to guacamole - and it will immediately add to your daily calorie count.

Calorie Counter

Search the wide expanse of Calorie Counter's food library with just the picture of a logo! Easily find all the foods you have at home and incorporate them into your meal plan. Search foods by the brand logo or simply scan the available barcode to find all the most pertinent nutrition information on any given item. Keep a count of the fresh (and maybe not-so-fresh) ingredients you consume throughout the day, and start taking full responsibility for your health.

Tons of users have complimented Calorie Tracker on its user-friendly interface and straightforward layout. However, if you're looking for an app that's 100% free, Calorie Counter might not be your first choice. You have the ability to add 5 foods a day for free, after which you are prompted to sign up for a monthly subscription. Not sure if you want to spend the money? Try it for free for seven days to see if the Calorie Counter library of amazing features is right for you.

Regardless of your reason for counting calories, do so with ease using food barcode scanners that make life so much easier! Find all of your favorite foods, plus tons of others, with just the tap of a button. Looking for other great ways to keep your nutrition in check? Take a look at our list of the Best 10 Calorie Counting Apps.

Whether you want to lose weight or simply stay in shape, a calorie counting calculator will help. Stay healthy & on track with great calorie & food trackers.

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