When your life is busy, you don’t have time to check a million different calendars and planners and scheduling apps. It’s much easier just to check your home screen and see what events and meetings you have on your plate for the day! There are a few calendar management apps that come with excellent home screen widgets that let you view your whole agenda without any extra hassle. On Android phones, you can view your calendar widget on your preferred home screen, and on iPhones, you can check your widgets from Today View. Here are the top mobile apps with great calendar widgets.


The popular Jorte calendar is user-friendly and extremely customizable. Its customizable nature is what makes it so unique: you can sync Jorte with all your other work and personal apps, from Evernote to Microsoft 365. Personalize your home screen widget with all your events, notes, and even photos! You can choose which kind of home screen widget is best for you, whether you need to use Jorte for business or personal scheduling.

Since Jorte has a lot of features and a lot of options, it can be a bit overwhelming for first-time users, and the design doesn’t make it easy to navigate. The interface for the main app isn’t the most intuitive, but Jorte makes up for it with extremely intuitive and easy-to-use home screen widgets for managing all of your scheduling needs. And if what you’re looking for is a comprehensive and accessible calendar widget, then Jorte has you covered!

Tiny Calendar 

Tiny Calendar comes straight from Google, so you know it’s going to be a solid platform. From the get-go, you can tell that the layout and design are both excellent. The same goes for all six (six!) different calendar widgets that you can place on your home screen or iOS Today View. The six widgets are all different types of calendars, including day, week, and month options, so you can choose the widget that works for you best. 

The widgets are also customizable as far as design and theme, but not as customizable as Jorte. Tiny Calendar is (obviously) optimized for synchronization with Google Calendar, and doesn’t support syncing with other calendar and organization applications. But on the flip side, it means that, though Tiny Calendar lacks the dozens of customizable options and features, it has the easily-accessible intuitive interface that Jorte is missing. Both calendar widgets are awesome, but meet different needs! 

So now you decide: are you looking for a simple interface for calendars that work with gorgeous widgets to keep track of your calendar or a comprehensive and personalizable platform for syncing all your schedules? Either way, you have two fantastic options for calendar management apps, both with top-notch home screen widgets that will make your life much easier. Forget about wall calendars! If you’d like to check out more apps for increasing productivity and managing your schedule, check out the Best 10 Apps for Calendar Management.

A great calendar app will make sure your days flow perfectly. Never miss anything with your own personal assistant that’s with you every day of the year!


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