Say goodbye to keeping long daily planners, wall calendars and physical weekly calendars! Now you can keep up with all your tasks in one place - on your phone. These handy apps allow you to make to do lists on your phone or mobile device, so you can keep track of your tasks and stay ahead of deadlines. Plus, both of these to do list apps send you reminders and alerts throughout the day so you don’t forget anything important - can your planner do that?


TickTick is ideal for business-minded people. Do you work with a team, or by yourself? Either way, TickTick has features for you. You can create notes, tasks, alerts, and lists using your voice (which is especially great for working on-the-go). Then you can sync all your to do lists with your whole work team, so everyone is on the same page! And when it comes time for your yearly review, make sure to check out your own personal productivity analytics, which are calculated for you in the app.

Most users rave about how great TickTick is, but it’s worth mentioning that full use of TickTick is limited to a paid premium subscription: several features are unavailable until you pay. But hey, if you’re using TickTick for work like most people do, you can write off the expense as a tax deduction!

Need more features to organize your life? While interface is super intuitive and the design is minimalistic, it also has tons of features to organize your monthly calendar and create memos, alerts, notes, and tasks. Heck, you can even set location-based alerts that will send you a reminder when you reach a specific place! That’s pretty impressive.

Like TickTick, many of the features are limited to the premium subscription plan. But unlike TickTick, offers a free plan that many users find plenty sufficient for their needs. Several users have said that the app is a little buggy, but it’s likely that the glitches have been fixed with the most recent update!

Both these apps are full of useful features. But more features is generally better than less! Once you get passed the learning curve, you’ll find that both apps are extremely helpful for making to do lists and keeping organized. Before you know it, you’ll be tossing your paper wall calendar out the door and switching to digital task managers for good. But if you’re looking for even more ways to organize your life check out our Best 10 Calendar Management Apps!

A great calendar app will make sure your days flow perfectly. Never miss anything with your own personal assistant that’s with you every day of the year!


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