Whether you’re a small business owner trying to manage a team of employees, a busy mom trying to manage your whole family’s weekly calendar, or anywhere in between, shared calendar apps can be a lifesaver. Forget calling back and forth to set up meetings and events for groups! Instead, keep track of multiple schedules with mobile apps that let you collaborate with other busy people remotely. 

Cozi Family Organizer

Cozi is so perfect for busy families that it’s even in the name! The beautifully user-friendly design gives you a easy-to-read overview of your entire family’s schedule in one place. Shared calendars that work! Schedule events, color code them based on family member, and set alerts so that everyone is in the right place at the right time. You can even plan your weekly dinner menu and save your favorite recipes - perfect for a busy mom or dad who likes to plan in advance!

Not a busy mom or dad? Well, Cozi definitely still has some features you might find useful for planning your calendar. However, since it’s made for families, there are some features you might find a little superfluous – like the Family Journal feature, where you can upload photos and document your family’s most precious moments. But with such an expertly designed interface, having more features than you may need is no inconvenience. 


Now for those of you who are looking to manage more than just your family’s schedule, TimeTree is definitely for you. TimeTree allows you to create multiple calendars, so you can have planners for yourself, a shared one for your family, a separate calendar for your work team, and another for your friend group – and view them all at once to organize your entire schedule! No more wall calendars! Even better, your separate groups can’t see your other calendars, which is great for privacy. Each time you schedule an event, TimeTree makes it easy to invite attendees and discuss plans in the event-specific group chat.

Because TimeTree is a collaborative calendar app, it comes as no surprise that it requires wi-fi or cellular data to sync events. If you often find yourself needing to make plans without cell service, you may have to resort back to making an old-fashioned phone call to schedule an event. However, with the ubiquitous nature of wi-fi service these days, this is hardly a problem for most users. Plus, you can always schedule an event while you’re offline and it’ll just sync up when you next have service! 

Both Cozi and TimeTree are great options for shared calendar management. Cozi is a bit more family-centric, while TimeTree is a bit more comprehensive (for managing family, work, and social events). Whatever your needs are, either app could be a great option for helping you keep your schedule in order! Once you have a shared calendar set up on your phone, you should probably explore other calendar management apps. For a full list of the Best 10 Calendar Management Apps, check out the list below.

A great calendar app will make sure your days flow perfectly. Never miss anything with your own personal assistant that’s with you every day of the year!


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