Pulmonary hypertension, or high blood pressure, is a serious condition. These great apps will make it easy to monitor and track your blood pressure on a daily basis. No more writing it down only to lose your notebook later, because all of the information you and your doctor need will be available on your device.

Blood Pressure Log (android) & Blood Pressure Companion Pro (ios)

Blood Pressure Log includes lots of features to help you monitor your blood pressure every day. It keeps track of your readings, the time you check, where you have the cuff, and whether you are sitting or standing. All of this information then goes into the app's many detailed charts so that you can gain the most knowledge about your health possible. Blood Pressure Companion Pro also keeps detailed records of your readings but in a simpler package. If you are looking for an app that is fast and easy to use, then Blood Pressure Companion Pro is a great bet!

Blood Pressure Log has lots of cool features, but it does not keep track of long-term trends. Some people will want to be able to refer to this information, in which case, Bood Pressure Companion Pro is a better choice!

Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood Pressure Monitor is a very simple and helpful app that lets you input your readings and then tells you your condition. Underneath, it tells you what you should do according to the condition of your blood pressure. For example, if you have normal blood pressure, it will tell you to keep doing what you're doing. If you have high blood pressure or a low blood pressure, it will give tips on how to lower blood pressure, how to raise it, or you may be referred to a doctor who can help you.

Blood Pressure Monitor does not have a direct print option. In order to print your records, you just need to email the records to yourself, print them, and take them with you to the doctor.

Blood Pressure Diary

Blood Pressure Diary is an app that links up with your blood pressure device and takes the information straight from the device! This makes it super simple to track your information and view the charts. You can also set a health goal in the app and gradually work towards it.

Although this app is great for tracking your blood pressure, some of the text is small and may be difficult to see. If you are one who likes to see your progress on charts and graphs though, Blood Pressure Diary delivers!

Remember that your health is very important, and keeping track is step one to being healthier. Having access to a health report and your blood pressure history is great. And, if you want even more, check out the Best 10 Hypertension Management Apps.

Don't stress! Chart, check, and keep your high blood pressure under control with these easy-to-use hypertension management apps.


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