Want the perfect way to make some extra money with just a few taps on your device? These Bitcoin trading apps have it all! Discover a convenient and secure way to buy, sell and trade your cryptocurrency all in one place, plus more features to help you make the right decisions and get more bang for your bitcoin.


Coinbase is the perfect home base for all of your bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin needs. Each type of currency or cryptocurrency is stored in convenient, separate wallets, and the clean interface makes it simple to navigate through, especially if you're new to bitcoin trading. Since time is money when it comes to buying and selling, the customizable push notifications that give a bitcoin price alert immediately will save the day, and you'll never miss a good opportunity.  You can also be sure that your money is always secure with a vault feature and the ability to remotely disable your account remotely if your phone is lost.

While some bitcoin traders have pointed out that Coinbase transaction fees are a little bit higher than others, it truly is a small price to pay to know that all of your bank account numbers and various currencies are secure. Plus you're buying into a good network of trading, considering it's easy to transfer over to Coinbase's more professional sister sites for trading once you've really got the hang of things.

Blockchain Wallet

Instantly exchange your bitcoin or ethereum with anyone across the globe! You can trade cryptocurrency with other users, or even request payment directly. Get a bitcoin price prediction and bitcoin price history in a glance and easily see all your balances and transactions on your personal dashboard. Blockchain also has a 12-word backup phrase for maximum fund security, plus two-factor authentication and PIN numbers to be sure you are the only one able to access your wallets. It's safe enough to put any user's mind at ease and simple enough for first-time use!

Because of increased security measures, some users have expressed frustration over being logged out of the app or having login glitches. Luckily, the login glitches are easy to knock out by closing and restarting the app, and having to frequently log back in is worth it to know that your funds are safe!

Luno Bitcoin Wallet

A great bitcoin resource for all, Luno makes the process even easier for newbies with a unique Learning Portal and tons of in-app assistance. The bitcoin price index feature easily helps you see trends and immediately buy or sell with the touch of a button on the same screen. You can send or receive bitcoin directly from others and keep your bitcoin and ethereum safe in a trusted wallet on the app. With the Luno Instant buy and sell feature available in certain countries, you can even significantly cut down your wait time and access your funds when you want, without the wait!

This app is perfect for those dealing specifically with bitcoin and ethereum, but other cryptocurrencies are not yet available for trading. However, the developers are very hands-on with app updates and customer suggestions. Since Luno did just recently add ethereum, other currencies may be added to the mix in the future!

Making good buying and selling decisions and keeping up to date with your bitcoin has never been easier with everything in one, easy-to-use place! To learn more about bitcoin trading and to start staying on top of the bitcoin price today, take a look through our Best 10 Bitcoin Apps.

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