Bitcoin has gained a ton of interest since its release in 2009. Since it’s release, the world has gone crazy for cryptocurrency. And why shouldn’t we? The bitcoin price today is $7,379.00. That is the price of one bitcoin at this very moment. Regardless of its mysterious surroundings, this has been a game changer in world currency. 

Bitcoin Ticker Widget

The Bitcoin Ticker Widget is a widget, as the name describes, and also an app. The main function is to give you the real-time Bitcoin price index and information on available cryptocurrency, and their exchanges from around the world. This ticker offers different features and graphs to help you keep track of Bitcoin price history. The widget can be resized and positioned according to your personal home screen layout and what information you need. 

The graphics are a little dark and although you get the most important endgame information clearly, additional charted bitcoin price history gets lost. The layout seems a little advanced unless you really know your stuff. If you're a novice to bitcoin, the bitcoin ticker widget may take up some of your time figuring it all out. But to be able to keep up to date so quickly is well worth the learning curve. 

The Crypto App (android) & Crypto Pro (ios)

With The Crypto App, you get real-time altcoin and bitcoin price alert notifications. Unlike the widget above, CryptoCurrencey lets you search within thousands of altcoins. And then to help you determine a bitcoin price prediction, you will get to track bitcoin rates against the ether price, bitcoin price, and ripple price. The graphic design is clearer than the previously mentioned widget too, you’ll get to view your investments with ease and quick understanding. Crypto Pro for IOS is easy to navigate and has substantial news content to keep you up to date. Plus, it is compatible with your Apple watch to subtly track your bitcoin anywhere. 

Crypto Pro for Apple contrasts with the Crypto App for android with it's darker design. This may seem chic and high tech, but in the ever-changing world of bitcoin, you want to be able to assess the situation quickly. The darker design just takes some time getting used to. 

What started as an underground movement has become mainstream and trendy. Many folks consider their involvement with bitcoin a prestige. And maybe they should because there isn’t much that is simple to understand. Luckily we live in the age of information sharing and real-time knowledge at our fingertips. With the apps mentioned above and many more out there, you’ll be in the conversation in no time. For even more information, check out our Best 10 Bitcoin Apps.

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