Bitcoins are an extremely volatile currency, with multiple price changes happening every day.  Like stocks,  knowing exactly how much your bitcoin is worth and whether it's the right time to buy or sell can be a challenge.  But with these apps in your pocket, you'll get a bitcoin price alert so you'll always know what the right move is.

Bitcoin Checker (Android) & Coin Stats (iOS)

If you're an Android user, Bitcoin Checker is a great option for you!  It's totally free, and tracks crypto-currency prices across multiple exchanges around the world, making it the perfect option for real-time bitcoin price prediction.  It not only covers bitcoin, but virtually every other crypto-currency as well, and if there's any missing, you can contact their support team and they will add it to the app for you!  The Bitcoin Checker team prides itself on allowing the most customization possible for its users, so setting up a bitcoin price alert for whatever conditions you want is simple and easy.  If you're an iPhone user, Coin Stats is the one for you! Much like Bitcoin Checker, it allows you to track thousands of crypto-currencies, including bitcoin, across hundreds of exchanges around the world, with easy-to-set-up price alerts. With a news feature, you can monitor the chatter about bitcoin and lots of visual graphs make it easy to chart the bitcoin price index at any time. Coin Stats is a fantastic way to track your investments.

The only issue with Bitcoin Checker is that it doesn't have graphs, so if you like your info displayed visually, or want a graph of bitcoin price history, this is not the app for you.  But no other app is as up-to-the-minute with prices of so many crypto-currencies, so as long as you don't need them, you'll hardly miss the graphs.  While Coin Stats is free for total investments worth up to $5,000, you'll have to pay a small fee if your portfolio is larger than that.  But with so many features and tools to get you up to speed, once you reach that $5,000 limit, you'll hardly miss the fee!


Delta truly has everything you need if you're a serious bitcoin investor.  Set up for people with a diverse crypto-currency portfolio, Delta has great at-a-glance options so you can check the bitcoin price today with ease.  It also tracks your overall history across all your investments, so you can know your profits/losses over the last 24 hours or for as long as you've had the app.  You can easily set up price alerts for your preferred currency, get prices in any fiat currency of your choice, and even connect to your bitcoin wallet, so it's a cinch to import new transactions into your portfolio.  Best of all, Delta is continuously being developed, so it'll always be the best for the serious investor.

While most features are available for free, to really get the most out of Delta, you may need to subscribe to their "Pro" tier for a small fee.  But with its award-winning user interface and always-helpful support team, Delta gives you everything you need to become a great bitcoin trader.

Bitcoin and crypto-currencies are some of the hottest ways to invest today, and it's made easier than ever with great price tracking apps like Bitcoin Checker, Coin Stats, and Delta.  Regardless of where you are, you can get instant access to the latest prices and alerts so you never miss the perfect opportunity to make a deal.  If you want to go all-in on bitcoin, check out our Best 10 Bitcoin Apps!

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