No matter what stage of life you are in, it's never too early or too late to explore your faith! With a Bible verse of the day, find solace in your day-to-day life while also engaging in the healing ritual of learning about God. Study the books of the Bible and understand God's message in an entirely new light. These are not just Bible apps, they are resources and guides for improving your lifestyle and living each and every moment for God. Make every day more fulfilling than the last!

Message Bible by Olive Tree

Finally, scripture study has arrived in the 21st century! Take your favorite Bible with you everywhere you go. With this online Bible that you can also access offline, study the Word of God whenever and wherever you have time. Do you prefer the King James Bible? Find translations of the King James Version of the Bible in addition to loads of other versions and translations for you to experience. Find daily devotionals and Bible verses, Bible dictionaries, and tons of other key resources for you to use as you invest in your studies. Educate yourself on the Word and build a loving relationship with our Lord and Savior. 

Some users are noticing that, after the last update, it is taking a bit longer for the Bible to load. As this is likely due to the recent update, it follows that it will be solved with the next app update, so have faith that you will be able to access your Bible with the tap of a finger!

ESV Strong's Bible

Study the Bible like a professional with loads of amazing resources you can look at alongside your Bible. Just like a devotional you can hold in your hand, use the split screen to read lesson plans, daily devotionals, daily verses, and Biblical commentary as you study each section of the Bible line-by-line. Embracing God's Word doesn't have to be hard, and neither does accessing your Bible when and where you want it. Take the Holy Message with you everywhere you go and customize learning to fit your own needs. Adjust highlighters and fonts, use bookmarks, add notes, and more! Create your very own reading plans, set goals, and begin to master the Word of God in a way you never imagined you could. 

While users can't stop raving about the fantastic features available to them with ESV Strong's Bible - not to mention its amazing quality - there are some that find the price to be a bit steep. Sure, you might think spending $20 for a Bible is a bit much, but keep in mind all the phenomenal advantages that come along with it. At the same cost as a handful of Starbucks coffees, you can grow closer to God! Access tons of invaluable resources, prioritize your faith and keep God's Word close at hand. It's a Bible reading experience that keeps you motivated and improves your daily lifestyle. What's not to love?

Keep the Word of God close at hand with these amazing Bible reading apps with daily devotions! Expand your knowledge of God's message and accept the Holy Spirit into your life with tons of resources that will help you understand your place in the world and bring a sense of peace to your day. Want even more great ways to read the Bible on-the-go? Check out our list of the Best 10 Bible Reading Apps! 

Bring the truth and beauty of the Bible into your life every day. Find daily Bible verses and discover books of the Bible that will keep your faith alive.


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