We all love to take care of others - it’s in our genes. And though your kids want someone to care for and dress up, that is sometimes challenging. Fortunately, there are a number of baby care games for free that will safely satisfy your little ones.

1. Newborn Care 

We can all agree newborn babies are super cute. And small children love to help, but it’s not an easy task and kids wouldn’t really know what to do. So, newborn baby care games are a great alternative whenever your kids want to be the one changing diapers for once.

My Newborn 

You remember the special moment when you found out if it’s a boy or girl? It’s a wonderful moment filled with joy and you can easily provide your kids the very same experience. Let them have all the fun with their own little bundle of joy.

Baby Twins 

What’s better than one baby? You guessed it, two babies! See how well your kids tackle the super fun task of taking care of two delightful rugrats.

Egg Baby

Not ready to buy your child a pet yet? With these adorable animal babies, you don’t have to pop out to the pet store. You can just let kids care for a newborn furball with Egg Baby. Added bonus. No clean up involved.

2. Dress Up Games

The first thing you usually do when you have a baby is to start about thinking what clothes to buy. Guess what! Kids love dressing up as much as you do. They are still too young to go shopping but with baby dress up games they can be creative as much as they like.

Baby Care & Dress Up Kids Game 

If you let your kids lose for one minute in the clothes department, you can be sure there will be a mess and it’s pretty doubtful your child will be the one cleaning everything up. Instead, let them dress up super cute kids with tons of different clothes in an interactive dress up game.

Baby Boss 

Cute little shirts and tiny baby pants are super fun combinations. But fun and crazy dinosaur outfits are even better! Ensure your kids have loads of fun with adorable and imaginative outfit combinations. Let your kid go wild - a safe, baby type of wild of course.

Baby Kim 

When the child’s taste in fashion is finally satisfied, what then? The fun certainly can’t end there. Besides dressing the baby, your child can feed the baby, organize a lovely party, and much more with day care baby games like Baby Kim.

3. Virtual Pets 

From a small baby animal to a full-grown pet - there’s nothing better than watching an animal grow up. In order to become strong, the animal needs a lot of care and love. Give your kids gorgeous virtual pets they can take care of for hours of fun.

My Talking Hank 

One of the best things about having a pet is they respond when you play with them. But wouldn’t it be even better if they could talk? Interactive games teach kids how to act and a talking puppy is a perfect way to get them started.

Baby Panda Care 

Every pet needs food, a good night sleep, and even a bath - pandas included. These black and white bundles of joy are super fun and your kids will fall instantly in love with these adorable furry pandas.

My Boo 

Do your kids get bored fast? No worries here. When you have over 20 fun minigames packed into a single game, you can be sure you’re giving them something to smile about for hours.

Pet Baby Care 

Learning to take responsibility is an important lesson in any child’s development. But it doesn’t mean they can’t have fun while learning. Let your kids take care of cute animals, feed them and even take them to the hospital when the baby animals get sick.

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