Without the proper tools, planning workouts and keeping track of your workouts can be difficult. No matter where you are, you never have to worry about missing a workout; you can now fit a simple, yet effective, workout into your busy day! Workout planners and fitness trackers are a great way to easily record this information so you can save valuable time and focus on your health! 

8fit Workouts & Meal Planner

Having trouble working out with your busy schedule? Exercise anywhere, any time with these helpful workouts that require no equipment. Plus, you can workout anytime! Find workouts that are designed specifically for you and your body, from leg workouts to ab workouts and more. You can even choose from over 400 healthy recipes and food suggestions to help you improve your diet! 

8fit Workouts and Meal Planner is great for those looking to track their workouts. If you are interested in sharing your progress and seeing the progress of your peers, you may not get all that information. However, 8fit Workouts provides a variety of different functions like a meal planner with recipe ideas with a grocery list and over 350 exercises you can do to lose weight

Daily Yoga

Plan the perfect yoga routine and save yourself the hassle of searching for new poses and routines. Instead, just follow your plan. Easily keep track of all the previous workouts and you can go back and change your workouts if needed! Choose programs based on what you would like to improve or focus on including daily challenges or fat burning exercises. You can watch videos with step-by-step instructions on how to do workouts. Choose to work on specific parts of your body with bicep workouts and chest workouts. Yoga can be great for anything from shoulder workouts to back workouts, so you get a wide range of exercises! There are over 50 yoga classes so you never run out of workout options!

Yoga is a great way to exercise all parts of your body and feel relaxed after every workout! If yoga is not your preferred method of exercise, Daily Yoga may not be the best fit for you. This app does however have workouts that involve yoga but with different focus points like body toning, strength, weight loss, and flexibility! There is something for everyone, so if you want specific results you can  still get them! 

Staying fit and planning your workouts does not have to be a hassle with these helpful planning apps. You can get even more help with workout tutorials and meal plans by checking out our Best 10 Workout Planning Apps! 

Workout routines for the new you! Get the best workout plans, find a personal trainer, and track your exercise with these top-rated workout planner apps.

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