Tired of looking at the same old, motionless picture every time you open your phone? It's time to put some excitement in your day with these amazing wallpapers that move before your very eyes; downloaded right to your phone! Get the perfect background to suit your personality and match your style. With so many cool wallpapers, you might have to start changing your background a little more regularly; it'll be hard to choose just one!

Glitter live wallpaper (android) & Live Wallpapers Forever (ios)

If you're looking for epic wallpapers, look no further than Glitter live wallpaper and Life Wallpapers Forever! Glitter live gives you the choice of sparkling and twinkling 3D animated backgrounds for a glitzy way to spice up your phone. Or, if you want to tone it down a little, you can save any wallpaper as a still background and get all the glitter without all the movement. With Live Wallpapers Forever, you can search through multiple categories of both still and live backgrounds; including nature, futuristic, abstract, zodiac signs, and more. Just touch to start, and watch your phone come to life!

You can enjoy all of the glittery content on Glitter live absolutely free. There are occasional pop-up ads, but they are easy to close out of, and they automatically close out after a few seconds.  Live Wallpapers Forever requires a paid subscription for unlimited access to wallpapers after the seven-day free trial is finished. But after that first week, you'll definitely want the premium access to all the daily wallpaper updates that keep your phone fresh and fun.

Transparent Live Wallpaper (android) & Live Wallpapers Now (ios)

Wallpapers that will really give your phone that wow factor! Sometimes the coolest background is no background at all, which is why Transparent Live Wallpaper lets you see right through your Android. Let the world be your wallpaper and never worry about getting bored with your screen! Live Wallpapers Now has brand new, moving backgrounds to choose from every day, with a touch to start feature as a fun way to interact with your wallpaper. Get everything from cute wallpapers with animals to funny wallpapers that will entertain your friends, available on your phone in seconds.

Since it uses your phone camera, a few users of Transparent Live Wallpaper have noticed that their phone gets a little warm sometimes while using the transparent background. However, rest assured this doesn't cause any long-term problems. Live Wallpapers Now has limited wallpapers available for free, but some users have pointed out that there are pop up ads encouraging you to switch to the premium version. A good reminder, because switching to premium is worth it; you get as many wallpapers as you would like with no more ads!

God Live Wallpaper (android) & Live Wallpapers for Me (ios)

What better way to feel connected with Jesus on a daily basis than seeing Him every time you open up your phone? God Live Wallpaper gives you access to beautiful live, interactive and still wallpapers of Jesus, so He can always watch over you. Plus, get heavenly music to accompany your wallpaper! Live Wallpapers for Me is great for those that want a high quality moving image. You can customize your device in a way that's not too flashy but still really cool, with backgrounds that have time lapses of nature scenes or colorful, swirling cosmos. You'll fall in love with the wallpapers on both apps, and you'll find that they really elevate your phone experience.

Users love seeing Jesus on their screen, but a few have noticed that it seems to make their battery drain quicker. Luckily, a recent update has optimized the app for maximizing battery power. As with the other iPhone wallpaper apps, Live Wallpapers for Me also requires a subscription to get all of the backgrounds. But unlike the other apps, you also have the option to watch short videos instead of paying to unlock some of the best animated wallpapers you've ever seen, which is a deal you won't want to miss!

With so many backgrounds to choose from, you really have no excuse to keep using the stock backgrounds that come on your phone. It's time to find something that's fit for you! For every other wallpaper you can think of, from beautiful scenes and cityscapes to your favorite cartoon and anime wallpapers, take a look at our Best 10 Apps for Wallpapers!

Turn your phone screen into a work of art! Select from loads of images with one of these awesome wallpaper apps and get rid of that boring phone screen.


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