With so many things to do during the day, it is easy to miss some of nature’s most spectacular displays: the sunrise and the sunset. They only last for a few minutes, but they can really make your day. Planning a romantic dinner, or want to make it home before nightfall? We've selected the best apps that will accurately predict sunrise and sunset times and locations. Whether you are into photography or adjusting to a different daylight schedule when traveling, the applications are limitless!

LunaSolCal (android) & Sundial (iOS)

Looking for a full-featured sunrise and sunset tracker that won’t break the bank? LunaSolCal (android) and Sundial (iOS) are your best choice. Both have been smartly designed and are free to use. Not only will they give you sun tracking information, but they also track the moon too! Sundial stands out with a sleek interface, and the use of a modern sundial to visually represent the solar and lunar cycles. Don’t want to miss the sunset today? Setup personalized alerts on Sundial to make sure you catch the next sunrise sunset golden hour, or full moon! Want to know the sunrise time tomorrow morning? LunaSolCal will let you know. In fact, choose any location and date from the past or future century!

Unlike LunaSolCal, Sundial does not display information for futures dates or other locations. For this option, use Sun Surveyor instead! You may find LunaSolCal’s interface very basic when compared to Sundial or Sun Surveyors. However, it is highly informative and summarized neatly for quick and easy viewing! 

LunaSolCal Mobile

LunaSolCal Mobile

Volker Voecking Software Engineering

4.7 6K+ Reviews
500K+ See Free
LunaSolCal Mobile
Sundial - Solar & Lunar Times

Sundial - Solar & Lunar Times

Tier 9 Digital LLC

4 2K+ Reviews
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Sundial - Solar & Lunar Times

Sun Surveyor

Sun Surveyor is an impressive app that goes beyond tracking the next sunrise or sunset time. The position of the sun, moon and milky way at any given time can be previewed using augmented reality! This is great if you are a photographer and want to plan your next photo shoot with the sun at the perfect angle. Need to find a location with more shade? Get recommendations for shade potential in your surroundings! These and many more features make Sun Surveyor stand out from the pack. The information is highly accurate, and an elegant design is the icing on the cake!

Need help learning how to use all the features? The developer has a dedicated Youtube channel to help you every step of the way! If you don’t want to pay for Sun Surveyor, there is also a free version with fewer features but quite handy as well. You could also use LunaSolCal or Sundial instead!

Sun Surveyor (Sun & Moon)

Sun Surveyor (Sun & Moon)

Adam Ratana

4.6 4K+ Reviews
100K+ $7.99
Sun Surveyor (Sun & Moon)

Next time you are planning that sunset photo shoot, make sure you have your sunrise and sunset tracker handy. Let the apps do the hard work, relax, and enjoy the view! If you like these, be sure to check out our Best 10 Apps for Calculating Sunrise and Sunset Times!

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