Creating your dream home can be quite the challenge if you don't know where to look. Luckily, these helpful apps have just what you need to turn your home from drab to fab! Why spend hours searching through furniture stores to find what you need when you can get it all right at your fingertips? Find all your favorite styles reminiscent of your favorite brands - from Macys furniture and Wayfair furniture to American furniture and more! All the best finds are only a click away.


Everything you need to renovate and decorate your home is all in one convenient place! From furniture and appliances to household goods like groceries, stock up on all your favorites and make sure your house is looking fabulous. With new and innovative implementations of augmented reality, see what large items like sofas and refrigerators are going to look like in your home before you buy them. Plus, everything ships to you in just two days - no wait necessary!

If you’ve been a user of Jet in the past, you might be a little confused with the new organization and layout. New updates have provided even more categories and subcategories for users to find exactly what they need. So while perfecting your search on the new layout may take a little time, you’re sure to find exactly what you need at prices you’ll love! 

Bed Bath & Beyond

Easily locate the perfect items to make your house the relaxing reprieve you’ve always wanted. Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen or decorating a bedroom, find everything you’re looking for, plus a whole lot more! Search by item, brand, price point, and more for all your household needs - plus tons of coupons and deals ensure you keep to your budget! 

The majority of users have raved about the phenomenal coupons and great deals they are able to find at Bed Bath & Beyond; however, there have been some reports of slow loading speeds for coupons. While this can be frustrating, the coupons do load and you’ll be certain to walk away with tons of great deals and products. Not to mention Bed Bath & Beyond’s fantastic customer service is always available for quick assistance.

The Home Depot

You don’t have to spend a ton of time and money to get the ideal home - not when Home Depot’s here to help! Whether you’re looking for outdoor furniture or the perfect kitchen flooring, easily locate exactly what you want in almost no time at all. Locate stores that have the items you need or get them shipped straight to your front door; it’s completely up to you. Not to mention, you can search items by picture for an incredibly easy way to find household furniture and appliances you love but need to replace. 

While it’s true the app does take up a considerable amount of space on your device’s hard drive, the perks of having a home improvement warehouse in the palm of your hand definitely outweigh the negatives. Shop, purchase, and get advice from professionals, all without ever having to step foot outside your own home - who could ask for more? 

Creating a home you adore doesn’t have to be hard. Get a helping hand with these extraordinary apps for home essentials and improvements! Want even more ways to outfit a stellar home? Check out our Best 10 Home Shopping & Furniture Apps.

Decorate your home without ever leaving the house. Find new ideas and suggestions for everything you need with these furniture shopping apps.

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Best 10 Home Shopping & Furniture Apps