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Best Apps for Reading Your Daily Horoscope

Things are looking up with horoscope apps

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HOW TO READ YOUR HOROSCOPE - The Best Apps for Horoscopes from AppGrooves!

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Most people use horoscopes because they want to discover what is going to happen in the future with their love life, job or anything about their lives
- Rosa Maria Brooks, holistic medicine practitioner

As one fascinated by the workings of quantum physics and the metaphysical, Robin Wiese considers herself as open-minded as anyone when it comes to dealing with elements of the unknown.

And while her exposure to horoscopes is limited to the occasional check of a local newspaper or app out of curiosity, she is pretty sure the positive energy that flows from the vast majority of readings she has seen could prove useful to those looking for answers and motivation in what is sometimes a most discouraging world.

“It’s actually really nice to read a horoscope every day,” the semiretired Midwest rancher said. “I read somewhere not to take an astrology reading as a prediction of the future but rather as a potential. It gives you a sense of the steps you can take to improve yourself, based on what could be.

“No matter what you think about it, it gives you something to consider. It usually leads me to some sort of affirmation for my day that I wouldn’t have realized before.”

Apps & Positive Thinking

Based on the millions of people who check their horoscopes daily across the planet, astrology has certainly remained a credible fixture in the minds of those who look to it each day for entertainment and more. These readings based on the alignment of the stars at the time of a person’s birth, planetary bodies, zodiac signs and houses offer hope and a sense of direction. People search for answers on topics ranging from their love lives to child rearing, health, and anything else that may be of importance to them.

Apps like Daily Horoscope, Co-Star, and Chaturanga can clarify aspects of the journey to all who are seeking answers to their everyday horoscope questions. Daily Horoscope offers basic, easily accessible information each morning for beginners looking for generalized information to point them in the right direction, while Co-Star offers more detailed readings for individuals seeking deeper meaning in the stars. For Chaturanga, resources are available to help customize the experience to better understand one’s personal life journey.

Unlocking the Healing Power of Astrology 

Columbian-born Rosa Maria Brooks utilizes horoscope readings as part of her holistic approach to healing of mind and soul. The owner of Rosa Maria’s Wellness Spirit and Astrology of Healing Center, she incorporates personal zodiac readings into her everyday practice that encompasses massage therapy, body detox, aroma, and acupuncture therapies.

Having written horoscopes for newspapers and magazines for decades, she believes in their capacity to impart positive energy on her clients. But while such generalized readings can prove useful in promoting an uplifting spirit upon those who read them, they cannot replace personalized astrology readings customized that tell a far more specific story based on each client’s personal information, such as date, time, and origin of birth.

Are There Answers in the Stars?

So what are people looking for through their horoscopes?

“Most people use horoscopes because they want to discover what is going to happen in the future with their love life, job or anything about their lives,” Brooks said. “They’ll use horoscopes to see if there is compatibility in their relationships, love, or business.

“Now with the coronavirus, people want to know what they have to say about that also. It is incredible how many people use horoscopes to find different ways, different answers.”

As a third generation medium with clients around the world, she believes the readings she conducts can impact the lives of individuals seeking insight that may impact the lives of her parent clients and their children for decades to come. On a personal level, her astrological readings of her husband and two adult sons have helped shape and direct each of their lives in matters of love, health, and business. And while their life journeys remain far from perfect, she said the readings have certainly benefitted them by giving them insight into themselves and what paths to seek to unlock their truest potential.

Looking Upward Offers Inspiration

On average, she estimates that roughly 70% of her clients take the individual readings she offers seriously. And of the roughly 30% who look to daily newspaper horoscopes for answers, the vast majority find inspiration in the fortunes they read. From where she sits, those figures are most gratifying.

“People are curious,” she said. "Most of these people are in need of some kind of orientation and find very good answers in the stars. I see and I explain everything."

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Best Apps for Reading Your Daily Horoscope