Manga has become a staple of Japanese storytelling and is made for everyone who cares to read it, adults and children alike. These comics and graphic novels will keep you entertained and give you something to look forward to when you have some free time to read.

Manga Rock 

Manga Rock has a wide selection of manga for you to choose from, and they make it simple to read, favorite, and search for stories and series. Additionally, you can save them offline and read wherever you are! And don’t worry about losing your place, because Manga Rock allows you to easily bookmark where you are. You can also choose how to view your manga and which way you want to swipe to get to the next page. Go traditional and swipe right, or go the American way and swipe left to progress! You can even swipe up or down if you choose to!

With Manga Rock’s huge selection, it’s easy to find tons of new manga. Please note, not all manga is available in all countries. However, the sheer volume of manga available is sure to keep fans around the world happy!

Shonen Jump Manga Reader

Shonen Jump Manga is a very popular app that gives you weekly updates on all your favorites, and even lets you read them for free as soon as they come out! You will be completely up to date with all of the latest chapters thanks to Shonen. The Japanese to English translation is boasted as being extremely accurate and easy to read, so say goodbye to the crummy translation you might find on illegal sites. To add to your reading pleasure, the interface is intuitive and clean, allowing for easy searching and browsing. Subscribe to your favorite series and wait for the updates to come out, or read old chapters that are on the site, then just kick back and enjoy!

Unlike Manga Rock, there is no option for page turning. This can be a bit bothersome, but with the easy to use interface and mega-hits like Dragon Ball Super, Boruto, My Hero Academia, One-Punch Man, you probably won’t even notice.

These are just a couple of apps that allow you to read your favorite manga offline with ease. If you like Kiss Manga, Manga Panda and Manga Fox you’re sure to love more. You can check them out on our Best 10 Apps for Reading Manga!

Read your favorite manga in a matter of minutes with one of these fantastic manga readers. Choose from mainstream and indie manga, then sit back and enjoy!


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