There are few things worse than being out and about with no battery charger, and seeing the "Low Battery" warning appear on your phone screen. Luckily, if you haven't got a fancy Samsung fast charger or an iPhone lightning cable handy there are alternative measures you can take to keep your phone running for longer. These apps even speed up your device for those moments when you need to make an emergency call or send off an urgent message at the last minute. 


Cleaner is a lightweight app that happens to be full of useful features to keep your iPhone or Android running like it's new. Not only does it have a battery saver, you're also be equipped with an app manager, junk file manager, memory booster, overall phone speed booster and more. It's also simple to use, with a One-Tap Optimization feature, saving you time having to address different issues on your device.

You may occasionally come across some bugs, with a couple of users reporting being logged out when viewing photos. However, these issues are few and far between. With the sheer number of features (did we mention you can also remove advertising and protect your data from thieves?)  Cleaner Speed Boost Master is clearly a keeper. 

GO Battery Saver & Power Widget (android) & Clean Doctor by Elinasoft (ios)

A battery saver can be a lifesaver when you're on the road. Unfortunately, a Schumacher battery charger doesn't work well for Androids or iPhones, so you'll need something else to keep your device running and speedy for longer. That's where the Go Battery Saver & Power Widgets, as well as the Clean Doctor app, come in. Go Battery Saver for Android only requires one tap to perform a deep clean of your device and extend its battery life. It even lets you monitor which apps drain the juice the most and manage them to your needs. The Power Widget feature lets you choose a customized battery widget for more accurate battery readings. Then you have Clean Doctor for IOS, the perfect companion for your iPhone or iPad when you want direct control over the content of your phone. You'll be able to clean up everything from photos, videos, to duplicate contacts or even your calendar, saving power so you can use your in-car battery charger for other gadgets.

There are a couple of minor issues with both apps. Go Battery Saver may warn you that your phone is overheating even though it feels cool as a cucumber. The app is only being extra cautious, feel free to ignore this message and carry on as normal. WIth Clean Doctor, you may find it gets tedious sorting through photos to find out which ones are duplicates. If you're dealing with 1000s of photos be sure to have a day free to go through those memories, otherwise the app has plenty of alternative features to help you save power and speed up your phone.

If you're worried about forgetting that all-important Samsung Adaptive Fast charger at home, be sure you have some of the many battery saving/device apps installed before you leave. Browse the best 10 Apps For Optimizing Phone Battery.

Battery apps allow you to not only keep track of your phone’s power, but you can also optimize it so that every drop of your battery life counts!


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