Tired of a battery that's always dying? Find out what's sucking all the juice out of your device with battery usage tracker apps that keep you in the know at all times! Unlike a Schumacher battery charger or car battery charger, these apps can't physically charge your device, but they will help you determine exactly which apps and settings are keeping you from watching one more episode of your favorite show. No matter where you are or what you're doing, make sure you have enough power to get you through your day!

Battery Doctor (android) & Battery Life (ios)

Battery Doctor and Battery Life both help you monitor the apps on your device to see what programs are draining the life from your phone or device. Tell at a glance which apps you need to close and which ones you should delete off your phone permanently. Not sure where to start? Both apps have easy-to-read user interfaces so you can see what problems your phone is experiencing all at once. Then, simply clean out programs and apps that are causing your phone to drain faster and voila - your device is running smoothly once again!

Looking for something like a Samsung fast charger or Samsung adaptive fast charger? Well, you won't find that with these apps. However, what you will find are tons of amazing features that ensure your device is running at its most optimal state. While you can't use these apps to physically charge your device, they will make sure your device is capable of retaining a charge all day long so you won't even need that charger to begin with. 

Power Battery (android) & Battery Power Free (ios)

Make sure your device always has enough power to last you through the day with Power Battery and Battery Power Free. Use Power Battery's saving mode feature to close background apps you're not using or see your battery's exact status with Battery Power Free so you know how much time you have left before it's time for your next charge. Easily improve your device's battery health and wellness by identifying exactly what apps are draining the most power. Plus, get tons of great tips and tricks on how to maintain a stable charge throughout the day. Whatever your battery-saving needs are, meet them with these great battery usage tracker apps! 

Power Battery and Battery Power Free are both great apps for identifying potential solutions when it comes to power-draining apps, but when it comes to fixing hardware problems on your device, these apps aren't quite what you need. That being said, both Power Battery and Battery Power Free can help identify what problems your device may be having in order to make finding a solution even easier and pain-free. 

No matter where you are or where you're going, make sure your phone or device is always charged and ready for you to use it. Track the apps and programs that are draining your battery faster and quickly and easily adjust your settings so that you always have enough juice left to accomplish important tasks throughout the day. Check out even more great ways to keep your device running smoothly with the Best 10 Apps for Optimizing Phone Battery! 

Battery apps allow you to not only keep track of your phone’s power, but you can also optimize it so that every drop of your battery life counts!


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