Instead of expensive classes that teach you how to learn Spanish, you can now learn Spanish online with friends for free in the great apps listed below. Unlike traditional methods, like tedious flashcards or other memorization techniques, learning the Spanish language will be interactive and exciting. With these tools, you can read, listen, and practice pronunciation with completely approachable lessons. Regardless of your knowledge of the Spanish language, these handy tools can be used alone or in conjunction with a classroom experience. 


Duolingo is a free multi-language app that offers Spanish too. The entire structure of the program is laid out in a way for you to observe, with the option to test out of a course if you are a more advanced Spanish speaker. The individual lessons can be extremely short and easy to fit into a busy lifestyle, or you can just go for longer lessons if you have more time. The lessons include picture-word association, English to Spanish word match, and audible responses with interactions aimed to help you build your Spanish vocabulary. Those familiar with Rosetta Stone will recognize this classic learning structure.

If you’re looking for the option to interact with a live person, Duolingo may not be a perfect fit. Some people need that deeper explanation of the language structure. However, if you’re looking for a simple to use, easy interface, Duolingo is perfect!

Learn Spanish

The Learn Spanish app is highly interactive and more focused on common speech and conversation. The beginning lesson is a conversation between two Spanish speaking people. It is here that you can listen to common phrases, reproduce what you have heard, and get detailed help with confusing verb conjunctions. To keep the learning process fun you can earn points for your accomplishments and you can even compete against friends.   

If you’re looking for an old-school teaching system, you may find Learn Spanish is not your style! The lessons are presented in a game-like manner and seem to be quite addictive. But, if you’re up for trying to learn in a new way, you’ll find the practical functionality and interactive approach loads of fun!

SpanishDict Translator

The SpanishDict Translator app is an amazing Spanish dictionary. There is a full conjugation table for all tenses with thousands of Spanish verbs and irregular verb conjugations highlighted in red. This feature alone is worth the download for Spanish students. It also includes three separate translators to assist with different dialects. Overall, SpanishDict Translator would be extremely helpful in a classroom setting or while traveling.

If you’re looking for all-in-one Spanish learning tool, SpanishDict Translator is more of a reference tool focusing on an excellent dictionary, Spanish translations and verb conjugations. Beginners will probably find a better choice in one of the other great apps listed.

TThese apps are great learning tools to help you master the Spanish language for free. Still looking for more? Check out our Best 10 Apps for Learning Spanish

Español for the beginning bilingual! Learn Spanish in manageable lessons with Spanish to English translation apps teaching the Spanish alphabet and key phrases.


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