If you are wondering how to learn Korean on your own time and at your own pace, then you have come to the right place. Learning Korean, or any new language is hard enough. Having the right tools at your side is critical to your success and will help you make the most out of your time. Below are the four best language apps for Korean words and phrases. 

Learn Korean Phrases 

Learn Korean Phrases by Bravolo is an ideal app for anyone who wants to learn to use the Korean language. This is an easy to use app with a simple user interface. It gives you the ability to learn at your own pace, whenever you have time. Interactive games and different contexts give you the ability to practice your new growing vocabulary in a variety of ways.

As with many language learning apps, it helps to have some previous background in the language. If you do not, you may have a bit of an issue getting started. Recent updates have made this easier and more welcoming for those who are truly starting from scratch. 


Drops specializes in language learning apps for dialects found all over the world. The creators know how to make a fun learning environment that takes the tedious work out of learning a new language. It comes as no surprise that Drops Korean is one of the top rated and most often downloaded Korean language apps on the market. Drops uses a colorful and exciting platform to bring the Korean language to life.

Drops focuses on a variety of languages and not just Korean. Because of this, people who study Korean in other contexts have found discrepancies in how the language is used. These are generally very small issues that are quickly corrected whe found, and are common among any language app. 


Variety when learning a new language will go a long way. Eggbun takes a very unique approach to learning a new language and uses a chatroom-like atmosphere to make the exchange of words seem more natural. This is in addition to basic language courses for those who start knowing nothing.

As Eggbun has continued to improve and grow, it has had a few server issues that have prevented users from logging in from time to time. These issues are in the process of being worked out and have been brought to the attention of the app developers.  

Learn Korean Phrasebook

Learn Korean Phrasebook is an ideal option for serious learners who are starting out with no prior knowledge of the Korean language. You can start with the very basics and grow your vocabulary, then proceed to use it in proper context. Offering several categories to choose from and loads of words and phrases you can navigate the basics quickly and on the spot. Learn Korean Phrasebook is one of the easiest and quickest ways to learn to speak Korean.

Poor translations are bound to come up in any language learning environment and Learn Korean Phrasebook may also have the occasional mistake. Helpful customer feedback allows the app to improve and helps catch these errors, which are few and far between in the first place. 

There are many important aspects to learning a new language. Having the help of an app in your phone is the best way to learn Korean on your free time. Skip the classroom and use your spare time more efficiently and give yourself a chance to get ahead.

Learn Korean on the go with English to Korean translator apps to teach vocabulary, sentence structure, and the Korean alphabet in short, easy to absorb lessons.


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