Learning to code can be a struggle without the proper tools to help you excel. Use practice questions and lessons that you can't get anywhere else to guide you and help you learn the computer programming language! Whether it's for work or just your own enjoyment, you can learn to code! 


Want a more fun and personalized way to learn java coding? With SoloLearn you can create your own profile, level up every time you learn more, and compete against others who are learning too! Chat and read comments from other learners to gain motivation while you learn! Learning to Java code has never been more convenient!

You can now learn to code easily with an app that allows you to write code and learn different skills in coding. Some users have found that while using the app it can be frustrating when advertisements interrupt their lessons. This, however, can be overlooked because SoloLearn is totally free. 

Learn Java

Learn to code and receive additional help from the coding community through the comments if you are stuck. Pick from over 64 lessons that cover topics like Java basics, arrays, and more! Answer questions while you learn to make sure you are understanding and retaining each lesson! Learn Java is great for beginners because it offers step-by-step lessons and allows you to take your time and learn the material from scratch. 

Learn Java is a great tool for people who would like to learn programming on the go. Some users have found that Learn Java does send them alerts when it needs to be updated. Updating the app does help it run better and will add additional content. Notifications that will keep you in the know!


Learn to program while playing fun games to test your knowledge and coding skills. The interface and lessons are simple to use and the concepts are great for beginners and experts who want to brush up their knowledge. If you would like to learn java on a regular basis you can do daily workouts that do not take up much time but can help build your foundation and skills! 

Enki is a great way for beginners and experts alike to learn Javascript, Python and other programming skills. Some users have found that some of the information provided is a bit complex for their level, but for others, it is just right. Since Enki was created for all levels of programmers, some lessons will be more difficult than others. But with the proper foundation, you should be able to excel!

Programming Hub

Want a fun, easy way to learn programming? Programming Hub allows you to learn more than 18 types of programming languages. You can choose the best programming language to learn for you and practice that knowledge by writing your own code using the compiler anywhere you go. Take an interactive quiz to try out your new skills and test yourself! If you seek extra help, the guided course can keep you on the right track along with easy to understand illustrations! 

Learn computer programming and also receive help with either lessons or quizzes on a number of topics. Programming Hub is great for those looking for a number of different programming languages, but if you would like something more simple and focused, you may want to find an app that focuses solely on Java coding.

Learning to code can be a fun and informative experience and you can use those skills later on! Get the right tools to help you excel at programming and thoroughly learn to code! If would like some more information on how to program check out our Best 10 Apps for Java Coding!

Learn & verify your Java knowledge with interactive Java tutorials filled with questions. Learn one of the most popular programming languages in the world.

Java Coding

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