Learning a new language is hard, but figuring out how to learn doesn't have to be! The best way to learn Japanese words and phrases is right here. Whether you're ready to immerse yourself in a new cultural experience or you simply want to find a way to get around your local ramen menu, learning Japanese is now easier than ever!

Rosetta Stone

If you're looking for the best way to learn Japanese, then look no further. The linguistic industry standard for decades, Rosetta Stone helps you learn to read Japanese through immersion. Not only will you be able to learn Japanese words and phrases, you will be doing so with the strongest possible foundation. One of the key components that make Rosetta Stone stand out is TruAccent, their innovative speech recognition technology. No matter your current skill level, with their method of immersion through conversations and stories, you'll find your footing and be fluent in no time. 

Not everyone is looking to learn to speak Japanese fluently. If you're just looking for something to help you navigate your trip to Japan, Rosetta Stone might be more than you're looking for. Those who are eager to face the thrill and challenge of learning a new language will find no better foundation on which to build their skills. 

Learn Japanese Phrases | Japanese Translator

One of the most intimidating things about learning a new language is getting the pronunciation just right. Fear no more because Learn Japanese Phrases allows you to tap on any word or phrase and hear the pronunciation as spoken by a native Japanese speaker. And it's available offline, no wifi necessary! It won't matter if you're in the bustling heart of Tokyo or in the remote island of Shikoku, you'll quickly an easily figure out how to learn Japanese phrases anywhere in the world!

Although Learn Japanese Phrases is well loved, there are some ads. But not to worry, you can easily skip these by going with the Pro version. With so many features, like being able to speed up, or slow down the pronunciation, you're sure to find the right plan for you!

Learn Japanese Phrasebook

If you're getting ready for your trip to Japan, you'll need to take Learn Japanese Phrasebook with you. With over 400 of the most common and helpful Japanese words and phrases at your fingertips, you'll feel right at home in a faraway land. All essential and helpful phrases for a tourist or businessperson visiting Japan are readily available and accompanied with native, yet easily intelligible audio pronunciations. You can store and save frequently used words and phrases in your favorites folder. No wifi is required and there are no adds to distract you from quickly finding the subway or the best sushi restaurant in town. 

While Learn Japanese Phrasebook is great for the world traveler looking to get by, it may not be extensive enough for the budding Japanese linguist. If you're looking to speak Japanese fluently, or at least conversationally, this may be a little too simplistic for you. However, it is perfect for the globetrotter looking to explore Japan and converse with its people. All that's left to do is book your ticket!

Regardless of your level of fluency you have now or are looking to achieve, you'll find the perfect way to learn to speak Japanese. Explore the wonder of the language of Japan with ease and confidence no matter your objective. For more ways to learn, check out our Best 10 Apps for Learning Japanese!

Read and speak Japanese with confidence! Easily learn a complicated language with the aid of a Japanese translator and a built-in dictionary.


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