Whether you want to experience the wonders of Venice or the magnificence of Rome, Italy is a must for anyone’s bucket list. Planning on visiting soon? Learn Italian fast for free with the best apps for your mobile device! Each has a slightly different lesson format. So, choose one that best fits your needs for the best way to learn Italian. Impress your friends and family with your newly acquired skills and enjoy the full experience of Italian culture on your next trip!


Looking for a fun way to learn Italian? Duolingo is a great choice for getting started without making it feel like a chore. In fact, many organizations like Time Magazine, Wall Street Journal, and PC Magazine have praised Duolingo’s innovative approach to language learning. Practice your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills with fun lessons that are short and interactive. Each time you complete a lesson you earn shiny rewards. That makes the learning process so much more rewarding and addicting! You can even set up friendly reminders to refresh your memory or to start your next lesson.

Want detailed explanations for every grammar rule? Duolingo’s app version keeps it simple, so you won’t see detailed breakdowns for every lesson. For more information, log in to the web version and access even more features! Duolingo will help you master the basics, but if you want to delve deeper, you might prefer Learn Italian. Speak Italian. Duolingo is great if you are a casual learner and want fun bite-size lessons at your fingertips. 

Learn Italian. Speak Italian

Learn Italian. Speak Italian is great for both beginner and advanced learners. Learn Italian free with a variety of lesson methods to start speaking conversationally fast! A special adaptive learning feature analyzes your progress and designs lessons that fit your learning style. Listen to crystal-clear audio of native speakers and practice your accent. Master pronunciation with state-of-the-art speech-recognition technology that only gives positive feedback when you speak correctly! With over 5,000 commonly used words and phrases, you will be more than ready for your next trip to Rome.

When taking a quiz, you might find that a word you translated is taken as incorrect, when in fact it is just a synonym of the correct answer. Learn Italian. Speak Italian does not consider the full English vocabulary for answer inputs. Rest assured, it only means you are learning the language! You won’t see shiny rewards for each completed lesson like in Duolingo, but you can track your progress with advanced statistics at any time!


Not a fan of quizzes and homework? HelloTalk takes a different route, with communication being the key player in learning Italian! Create a personal profile with your language learning needs and instantly connect with native speakers around the world. Practice your writing and speaking skills via text, audio and video chat for free. Use a variety of tools like language translation, grammar correction, and voice recognition to help you learn faster and keep the communication flowing. Want to find out more about Italy’s culture or need some travel advice? Share your questions and a community of native speakers will help you out!

Do you want to take a more traditional route and learn Italian with a lesson format? You might prefer Learn Italian. Speak Italian or Duolingo. With HelloTalk, forgo the tests and learn to speak Italian by chatting with native speakers instantly! Just getting started? Specify your needs and someone will help you learn all the basics. HelloTalk is a great way to learn Italian while immediately exposing yourself to Italy’s culture and make new friends too!

Get those suitcases ready for Italy and learn to speak Italian right on time for your trip! Discover how to learn Italian online fast with any of these great apps. Whether you are new to the language, don’t have much time on your hands or are an advanced learner, you will find the perfect fit. If you can’t get enough of Italian, make sure you check out our Best 10 Apps for Learning Italian!

Learn Italian on the go! With English to Italian translation apps, learning a new language can be both fun and convenient.


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