Learning a new language requires a huge investment of time and money. But if you don’t have either, no problem! Learning a few basic Hindi words and phrases can go a long way. If you learn better visually and are more responsive to auditive learning, then these apps are a great choice for accelerated learning. It’s never been easier to learn Hindi online!


Learn Hindi Vocabulary 

Quickly learn over 6,000 Hindi words and phrases for travel or business using your mobile phone or tablet. Each Hindi word is translated into your native language with word pronunciation and phonetic transcription and depicts an accompanying image illustrating that word. And since the words are logically categorized into more than 140 thematic topics, you won’t waste time learning words you’ll never use. Ready to get started?

This learning app is not a replacement for a full-on Hindi course. If you’re looking for a grammar app, this might not be the one for you as this app is designed for rapid learning of Hindi vocabulary and phrases only. But if you want to learn Hindi quickly and easily, this should be your go-to guide. This app works with or without an internet connection, so start learning Hindi today!

Hindi Dictionary 📖 English - Hindi Translator

Designed for students, professionals and travelers, this free Hindi translator has 72,000 English and 86,000 Hindi words in an offline dictionary. Quickly find the right word at the right time and get text translations that you can save and share at a voice speed that you control. Users love the flash card, multiple choice and word guess games. No more excuses! Now you can learn Hindi for free!

Although some Hindi words in this app tend to be old-school and are not used much today, users love the extensive dictionary this app provides. It is very easy to translate English to Hindi or Hindi to English with the bilingual dictionary, and it works both offline and online. This app is the easiest way to learn and translate the Hindi language with your mobile device.

If you want to reach for a quick word or phrase while conducting a business meeting or ordering in a restaurant, these Hindi apps will have you covered. If you need help deciding which app is best for you, check out the whole list of the 10 Best Apps for Learning Hindi.

A pocket guide to Hindi. Learn key words and phrases, browse cultural references, and view current Hindi news for a better understanding of the four dialects.


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