Learning German vocabulary is a great place to start your journey. But once you've memorized all the German verbs, nouns and adjectives, you might feel like you've hit a wall. You have all the words perfectly memorized, yet you can't find a way to actually practice your skills. Going to Germany is a perfect idea but there are other ways.

Luckily, there are amazing apps with conversational practice out there to help you effectively learn to speak German. They are super interactive, don't cost a pretty penny and best of all, you don't have to worry about awkward social situations if you accidentally use the wrong word.


If you ever thought of learning German, you probably stumbled upon Duolingo. With over 20 languages, Duolingo offers a rich set of lessons so you can quickly memorize words and phrases. But what's even better, Duolingo makes sure you don't stop at German vocabulary. Bot conversation challenges provide an amazing and effective way for you to apply what you've learned. This way, you'll actively speak the language in no time and more importantly, you can learn German free of charge.

The only minor issue is there's no speaking option to master your pronunciation while chatting. However, Nevertheless, texting is a great starting point to improve your German without jumping into the fire. Once you feel comfortable enough, you can easily move on to actual conversations.

Learn German

Learn German skips boring introductions and gets straight to the point by teaching you both vocabulary and pronunciation at the same time. It instantly brings up a basic conversation in super crisp audio for you to listen. After you finish listening, the app guides you through a set of fun lessons where you have to reconstruct the conversation with your own voice. Finally, the speech recognition will give feedback on your pronunciation so you can quickly master vocabulary, conversation, and diction in one powerful swoop.

If you're just starting to learn German, this might seem a bit overwhelming. But the cleverly-designed learning system ensures it never gives you more than you can handle. Snappy 5-minute lessons provide tiny breadcrumbs that quickly build up and provide a super easy way to learn the language.


Although learning German via conversation simulations is great, some people either want a bigger challenge or merely want to take the next big step. If conversation bots aren't enough for you, why not talk to actual people who are looking for the same thing? HelloTalk is a fantastic platform for everyone who wants to learn a language actively. Quickly find either a native speaker or a chat partner and start brushing up on those conversation skills. Since everybody has the same goal, it's a perfect place to learn a language with like-minded people.

HelloTalk is all about being social. For some people, this might seem challenging, but the powerful filter options make finding someone you'll feel comfortable talking with super easy. Simply enter the age, location or nationality and that's it. And if you're feeling a little insecure in your skills, there are tons of powerful features like built-in translations, corrections, and voice-to-text transfer to help you along the way.


Maybe you're not looking for basic lessons on how to learn German. Maybe you already have an amazing vocabulary, decent conversation skills and now you're looking to fill out the little gaps. The problem is most of the time; only the native speakers have answers to the tidbits like slang and unusual phrases. HiNative takes a bit of a different approach to language learning. It's basically a Q&A platform for languages where you can quickly get answers from native speakers. You can even record a sentence you're having trouble with and instantly get correct pronunciation tips.

HiNative lacks classic lessons and thus might not be for beginners. But, it's perfect for curious people who enjoy learning more about a language. The super easy audio upload and pre-built question format ensure everything is quick and efficient for you to learn the little details that really set apart an experienced speaker from a beginner.

German is a rich language that might seem overwhelming when you first start. But with great tutelage, you'll quickly figure out the logic behind this fantastic language. If you need something different and the apps above don't suit your needs, go and check our Best 10 Apps For Learning German. It's "Wunderbar"!

Learning German can be really easy with an interactive English to German dictionary and translation. Learn German with a few minutes of practice daily.


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