Learn to speak German at a level that's right for you with these inventive, high-quality language-learning apps that make your success their priority! Whether you're new to the German language or simply wanting to perfect the skills you already have, do so with ease using these fun apps that can teach you the alphabet or ensure your business German is up to par. Master the language with audio lessons to help you perfect your German verbs, pronunciation, German vocabulary, and so much more!


Stop searching "how to learn German" and start learning German the way you've always been meant to: easily. With daily vocabulary lessons and a massive library of audio and video lessons, you are sure to become an expert in no time at all. Plus, find tons of in-depth notes to help supplement each and every lesson. Track your progress over time to see how well you're advancing, and create your perfect German-learning schedule with lessons that work for you and your skill level. No matter where you are on your journey to learn German, be sure that every moment is a productive one!

Not a huge fan of repetition? Then maybe audio lessons aren't for you. The key point of audio lessons is to repeat what you hear in order to properly learn a language's formatting and pronunciation. However, if this is not something you enjoy, perhaps try one of Innovative's many other German lesson formats. Try your hand at video lessons, email lessons, and more for an equally educational and high-quality German-learning experience.

DW Learn German

Learn German free - that's right, for free! - with amazing audio lessons that you can start whether you're a beginner or advanced learner. Expand your knowledge of the German language with tons of immersive listening lessons and activities designed to match you at any level. Take a proficiency exam to discover how fluent you are, complete exercises that will help expand your understanding of key concepts, and even learn about the culture and geography of the country. With a totally diverse range of lessons and activities to complete, you'll love getting to know German the authentic way.

Internet connection unstable? You might experience some technical difficulties. Because DW Learn German streams their lessons, people without a steady internet connection are more likely to experience glitches or slow loading speeds. Luckily, DW Learn German allows you to download the lesson you're studying so you can bring it with you on-the-go! 

If learning German from a textbook isn't working from you, it's probably time that you try language learning the traditional way: audio lessons. Listen to native speakers to learn proper formatting and pronunciation, plus tons of other great features to help you along your way to German fluency. Want even more great ways to study the German language? Check out our Best 10 Apps for Learning German and get started today!

Learning German can be really easy with an interactive English to German dictionary and translation. Learn German with a few minutes of practice daily.


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