Many people have said that German is a difficult language to learn, but that is absolutely no reason not to try! The first step to mastering a new language is to build a respectable vocabulary. Now, you can do that the boring way, by buying a German dictionary and looking up words, or you can do it with simple, fun, and free apps! Who knows, this article could be the very first step to helping you become fluent in German.

Learn German Vocabulary

With over six thousand words, Learn German Vocabulary will keep you busy with new German verbs, nouns, and adjectives! To go with its six thousand words, it even has six thousand illustrations to help you learn by picture association, as well as fun games to entertain you while you learn. In addition to all of this, it is perfectly playable offline, so even when you run out of data, you can still brush up on your German wherever you are! Figuring out how to learn German will be simple with this app!

Keep in mind that this app is for learning vocabulary, and as such it does not have many lessons regarding sentence structure. Learn German Vocabulary will teach you tons of new words, but if you want an in-depth learning experience with more complicated lessons, then a different app may work better for you.

Learn German Vocabulary Free

Learn German Vocabulary Free is one of the number one German Education apps with a whopping ten thousand words for you to learn. In addition to letting you learn German for free, it offers fun quizzes, games, and the ability to customize your learning style. You can learn at you own pace by simply telling the app at which speed you want to learn, and it will adjust itself accordingly. Don’t have enough time to set aside time to sit and read? No worries! This app has an audio-only mode, so you can listen to audio lessons while driving, cooking, or doing pretty much whatever you want!

Unlike Learn German Vocabulary, this app does not immediately offer all of its content offline. You have to choose the lessons you want and download them so that you can use them later. Some might not enjoy this approach, but it does save space on your phone and this allows you to create a much more personalized offline lesson.


Babbel was created by linguistic experts, so you will be sure to receive a lesson that is professionally designed to help you learn the most material in the least amount of time. Only a few minutes a day are required for you to stay on track, so this is great for the person on the go! Examples and activities will help you to remember what you learn, and practice conversations will teach you how to speak German in many different situations.

Babbel’s German course is very long, meant for teaching someone a large amount of the German language over a long period of time. If you are looking for a quick course to teach you only the basics, then this might not be the app for you. However, if you want to become a master of the German language, then this is the perfect app for you!

With the right tools, you can become a master of the German language! It won’t be easy, but there’s no reason at all that you can’t do it. You'll learn to speak German in no time at all! For more tools to help you learn, check out the Best 10 Apps for Learning German.

Learning German can be really easy with an interactive English to German dictionary and translation. Learn German with a few minutes of practice daily.


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