What's the best way to learn French? Congratulations, you've found it! Get to know the beauty of the French language with French lessons that emphasize the art of speaking. Pretty soon, you'll be sounding like a fluent speaker, all from just a few minutes of practice a day! Whether you're learning French for work or just for fun, do so with ease using these amazing language learning apps with speaking lessons!


As one of the most well-known and beloved language learning apps in the world, Duolingo has your back for everything francais! Study French verbs, grammar, greetings, French vocabulary, and so much more! Listen to native French speakers pronounce each and every word, so you know exactly how things are meant to be said! Plus, small, bite-sized lessons are easy to incorporate into your every day for language-learning that fits your busy lifestyle. No matter your experience level or availability throughout the day, discover the joys of language-learning in a setting that is designed specifically for you: the learner. 

It's a commonly known fact that voice-recognition software can be a bit fickle, and this is especially true when you're trying to speak a language you're not as familiar with. While Duolingo's speech lessons are innovative in their ability to get you speaking the language quickly, you may experience challenges getting the system to recognize your pronunciation. Thankfully, Duolingo's health feature is put in place for exactly this reason - giving you a second attempt to perfect your pronunciation and practice speaking the French language you love! 

Rosetta Stone

If you're wondering how to learn French like a native, Rosetta Stone's full-immersion lessons will have you reading, speaking, and understanding French in no time at all! Experience the world's leading technology in speak-recognition with TruAccent and improve your conversational skills along the way. Beginners can build a solid foundation from which to learn the French language, while more advanced students can perfect the skills they already have. Not to mention, you can access lessons both on and offline for studying that goes with you, well, wherever!

For early-stage beginners, being fully immersed in the French language and being forced to speak it early-on can easily become a tad-overwhelming. For this reason, several users have recommended that beginners have at least a basic sense of the language before jumping in with Rosetta Stone. With that being said, users everywhere are praising Rosetta Stone's fast, efficient teaching method that helps you get comfortable with the French language faster than ever before. So, ultimately, the decision is up to you and what you feel most comfortable with. 


Babbel, aptly named for the sound we all make when trying to learn a new language, has everything you could possibly need to learn and perfect your spoken French. With its focus on the student's comprehension and confidence, you can be sure you'll walk away feeling more intuned to your French abilities. Hold actual, full-length conversations about relevant topics like French culture, and do it in simple, bite-sized chunks that are easy to understand. Improve your vocabulary regardless of your level, and make sure that every second of your language-learning experience is a good one. 

Conversations in Babbel, just like in real life, can sometimes appear a bit random. While the majority of users have praised Babbel's ability to get learners speaking right away, some have mentioned that the conversations at the end of each lesson aren't always the most relevant to the topics being covered. However, by going over a wide array of concepts, Babbel ensures you are comfortable with each and every one of them as you proceed to grow in your abilities to speak French! 

Beginner, intermediate, and advanced learners will all love the confidence they gain from practicing French with speaking lessons. Quickly and easily sound like a native speaker, regardless of where you're from. Want even more great ways to take on the French language? Check out our list of the Best 10 Apps for Learning French!

Learning French can be easy and fun! Learn French phrases, French translation and new vocabulary with a French dictionary and bite-size French lessons!


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