You've likely heard that French is the most romantic language in the world. There's just something enticing about French vocabulary. But to get those romantic gears going, you need a decent understanding of the logic behind French verbs and phrases.

Whether you're in it for the romance or the pure joy, learning French can be both challenging and enjoyable. And if you ever wondered what's the best way to learn French, we have a single word for you - vocabulary. Nailing down the key phrases is crucial for any language and can quickly jumpstart your entire learning experience. To ensure you get the foundation right, we bring you the current top four apps for learning French vocabulary.

Learn French Phrases 

One of the biggest obstacles for non-native French speakers is how to pronounce the words. To remove the guesswork for pronunciation, Bravolol includes an intuitive, one-tap audio pronunciation for every single phrase. This neat little feature comes in handy whether you're learning or you need some quick help when asking for directions in the middle of Paris. Plus, you don't even have to search for Wi-Fi as the entire library is ready for you offline.

Although a great tool, the app does lack specific French lessons. But the extremely intuitive UI and user-friendly search options allow you to master basic French phrases on the go. So, although lacking organized classes, this powerful little tool is sure to come in handy on your journey.

Learn French Vocabulary

Maybe you're not the one who wants to learn French. Maybe you're looking for simple and fun lessons suited for kids. Although a child's mind is like a sponge, their attention span is short, so the learning approach has to be fun. The solution is games of course - and here you'll find seven of them. Each game is designed to make learning more than 6,000 French verbs, nouns and phrases as fun as possible. And since it translates to more than 50 languages, it's not an "English exclusive" app. Kids of any age and from any part of the world can start having fun and learn at the same time.

The cartoony design might be offputting for some more "mature" French enthusiasts. But don't let the cute design fool you. This is quite a powerful tool that can easily teach even more advanced speakers a word or two. The game approach might not be your cup of tea, but if you can look beyond that, you might be surprised by what you get. 

Learn French Phrasebook

Would you be surprised if we told you that each word in French has on average three different definitions? That means three different usages of a single word, so, if you don't watch out for context, you might find yourself in quite a pickle. To avoid awkward social situations, Codegent brings you a super intuitive French phrasebook. Tons of commonly used French phrases are neatly organized across more than ten categories like greetings, transportation, general conversation and more. Oh, and don't worry - there's also audio to help you pronounce the word correctly. And it's all right here at your fingertips.

With so many words crammed into one app, it might get annoying to search for often used phrases. But don't worry - you can "favorite" phrases with a single tap and access them in a second whenever you need. 

Learn French Vocabulary Free (android) & Speak & Translate  (ios)

You might feel you need something a bit more than just a popular phrase searcher to help you with French. If you're looking for that extra power, there are two ways. Speak & Translate is a direct tool to help you in real time situations. Covering both text and audio translations, it ensures you can instantly translate any French word. On the other hand, Learn French provides a great learning experience if you just want fast, simple learning. Quick 10-minute lessons provide a great starting point no matter your age or your knowledge of French. Best of all, you can take the lessons anywhere thanks to the offline support.

Although quite different, both apps are extremely good in their own right. One will quickly pull you out of uncomfortable situations, while the second one can quickly teach you some valuable vocabulary lessons that will likely stick with you for life. In the end, it all depends on what you are looking for.

The four options above focus more on bringing you a snappy way to find commonly-used French phrases. If you need something that's more educational with organized lessons and even classes, take a look at our list of Best 10 Apps For Learning French. 

Learning French can be easy and fun! Learn French phrases, French translation and new vocabulary with a French dictionary and bite-size French lessons!


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