If you like to travel or are expanding your business around the world, learning Chinese should be on your list. Mandarin Chinese is the most widely spoken first language in the world. If learning new languages is not your forte, there is nothing to worry about. With these apps, you will easily learn the most common words and phrases and cover all your bases!

Learn Chinese Mandarin Words

If you like using flashcards, Learn Chinese Mandarin Words will save you the hassle of preparing them and teach you Chinese Mandarin for free! With a simple, intuitive design you will easily learn Chinese characters and how to pronounce them. The words are commonly used in everyday life, so you can be sure you will be using them on your next trip. Trouble learning a particular one? Each lesson is customized for you by keeping track of the words you need help on. The best part is that there are no ads, and no pressure to make in-app purchases!

The decks are pre-designed, so you will not be able to make custom decks. If you want to save your favorite words for later access you might prefer to try Learn Chinese Mandarin Phrases. Also, flashcards are shown in alphabetical order. So, if you are looking for more of a challenge, try the game mode! 

Learn Mandarin Chinese Phrases/Chinese Translator

When you are in a restaurant about to order food or need to find directions, you might need help putting phrases together in Chinese. Unlike Learn Chinese Mandarin Words, Learn Mandarin Chinese Phrases/Chinese Translator will provide you with complete phrases in addition to words. A category system will help you find exactly what you need in no time! If you need to slow down the playback speed of a phrase or word you can do that too!

Because Learn Mandarin Chinese Phrases/Chinese Translator works like an open phrasebook, you are not “taught” the words. If you prefer a lesson format for learning, you might prefer Learn Chinese Mandarin Words. However, you are able to record yourself and playback to check your tones! You will see ads during use, but you won’t mind it when it helps you get around town and order your food!

Learn Chinese Mandarin Phrases

Just like Learn Mandarin Chinese Phrases/Chinese Translator, Learn Chinese Mandarin Phrases keeps handy phrases and words at your fingertips. A simple design and colorful category icons will help you find your desired phrases quickly. You can search and save your favorite phrases or words! Learn Chinese Mandarin Phrases is free to use and does not have ads! You also get emergency and transportation tips as an added bonus which is handy when traveling.

Keep in mind that this app uses simplified Chinese script, so if you want to learn Traditional Chinese script you will have to look elsewhere. The free version has an ample selection of phrases and words, but if you want to add more vocabulary you can also purchase a paid version. Unlike Learn Mandarin Chinese Phrases/Chinese Translator, you cannot slow down recordings. However, the pronunciation is on point and easy to understand.

Whether you are in China or at an important business meeting with a Chinese client, having these apps handy in your pocket is just what you need. All of them work offline so they will always have your back. If you want to learn Chinese easily and in greater depth, then make sure you check out our Best 10 Apps for Learning Chinese!

Making sense of Chinese has never been easier. Learn Chinese with these great interactive apps for anyone who wants to speak Chinese.


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